2003 vs 2007

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    VBA run-time error 9: subscript out of range

    Hello, I have been looking on internet for a solution to this common error message, but have not found it. I open a file, and in the code activate that file before closing it. I give you the code below with the line where I get the error message. Select Case nStage...
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    2003 VBA code to open Excel 2007 workbook?

    I have a workbook made in Excel 2003 and wrote VBA code to open a predefined directory containing approx. 20 woorkbooks, code then goes to a specific sheet in each workbook and copies a range of cells (range varies) to this new workbook. In this new workbook I then merge all those copied...
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    Macros in 2003 VS 2007

    Do macros created in Excel 2003 work in Excel 2007?

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