1. montecarlo2012

    [vba]. read values in color only on vba.

    Hi everyone. How to read only the values with colors in a column and display this values in a row in another sheet, small example don't need xl2BB I think, so couple images can show my point. this is what I have on sheet2 and this is the results I am expecting on sheet3 Please, Can anyone tell...
  2. montecarlo2012

    vba convert the formula combin into code

    Hi. Combin(i$5,6)-IF(I$5-5B6>0,COMBIN(I$5-B6,6),0)-IF(I$5-4-C6>0,COMBIN(I$5-C6,5),0)-IF(I$5-3-d6>0,COMBIN(I$5-D6,4) I would like to use a code for this formula, rather than scroll down or up all the time. Any help for this Please.
  3. montecarlo2012

    Unique array code DO NOT STOP

    Hi everyone. After searching this forum and elsewhere, I putting some code together, BUT Error occurred. The code run until I forced to stop using, {Ctrl + Shift + Esc } and(End Task) in other words go forever. And I didn’t see any ms comment about the reason What I am trying to do is to get a...
  4. V

    Mail Merge and split into individual pdfs and doc with filename from the data.

    My project: Sheet with two browse button and one run button, 1:one for Excel data - Data source for mail marge and 2:another for word data - word Template of my letter. Once i click the run button , needs to run the mail merge in word and split the data into individual and save as doc and pdf...
  5. J

    Slicer to populate based on range of cells

    I currently have a slicer connected to multiple pivot tables. Based on other posts in this forum, I have cobbled together the ability to update the slicer on that slicer based on a cell value. Is it possible to update the slicer based on a range of values? Here is what I have: Dim SFweek As...
  6. F

    copy sheet between different excel 2010 instances

    good morning! i was wondering if there was a way to copy a sheet between two instances of excel. whenever i go to the copy/move it never lists the excel files from the other instance. the reason why i ask, the query tool i am using when i output the data creates a new excel instance. i am...
  7. M

    Issue creating and editing Pivot Tables in Excel 2010

    I am having issues getting Pivot Tables to properly create/complete via excel 2010? Looking for any tricks or tips from Users. Could it be a settings issue?
  8. S

    move a group of arguments in a cell formula

    Hello. I have a column with equations in. These equations are all variations of the same one. The difference is that the arguments in the equation change for each row, and there isn't a pattern to how they change. Is it possible to quickly move the arguments in the formula, instead of doing...
  9. P

    plot chart with grade data but not scores

    Hi everyone, I have a set of academic scores data that categorized into grades A (>85), B(>70), C (>55), D (>40), E (40 and below). Any idea how could I plot a chart in Excel (perhaps line chart with marks?) showing the grades but not the actual score values? I am using Excel 2010. Test No. ||...
  10. L

    Dropdown Complications

    I have a workbook that has a drop down list in it. The options in the dropdown are (1) very good, (2) not good (just example). I have been asked if it is possible to type "1" in the cell where the drop down list exists and for it to replace it to with "(1) very good" in the same cell. But allow...
  11. B

    Extracting Author

    Using Excel2010 - If I insert my Racf code in File/Options/General/UserName Excel extracts information from Outlook Exchange Server Global Address List and shows it in File/Info/Properties Author position as surname, first name (company, dept etc). How can I extract this Author information...
  12. P

    Finding Average for Multiple sets of data within a document

    I have project for work where I need to find the average fico score for each branch within an excel file. The way i have been doing it is just filtering the branch number and then finding the average that way. Although this works, I have around 1000 branches i need to do this for. Any tips to...
  13. J

    BUG in Excel re formula precedents

    Hi, I thought I’d share this to get your thoughts. I have only 2010 – does anyone get the same with 2007, 2013, 2016, etc.? Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a new workbook with at least two tabs. 2. On one tab make a table (ListObject) with headers and data a. In cells A1:A2 enter a label...
  14. W

    Method 'Range' of object '_Worksheet' failed

    Hi, i am back :P My vba script is 99% done, but something stupid always happens with me... its like vba is actively working against my progress :( Now I get the error described in the title and this code is the culprit: ws1.Range("A13,C14:C26,A14:A26").Interior.Color = RGB(255, 255, 0) The...
  15. J

    Pivot Table: Display Values as Average over a range of dates

    Using a very helpful method found here: http://www.contextures.com/pivottablecountunique.html#download I've successfully obtained 'distinct' value counts in Excel 2010 by making a Pivot Table of another Pivot Table. The final Pivot Table's Row Labels are 30-minute increments of time (8:00, 8:30...
  16. P

    Excel 2010 formula show text and percentage

    Hello all, First time questioner on this board. Let's say I am putting my formula in A1 Sheet 1. The formula I have references cells on other sheets in the workbook. For example, the formula in A1 Sheet 1 reads ='Sheet2!'A1 and thus shows the number in A1 Sheet 2. Ok easy. Now, suppose that...
  17. G

    Pivots & Slicers - hiding data (without filters!) v2010

    Hi, does anyone have any ideas on how to omit data from a pivot table (and therefore the slicers based on the pivot) *without* using a filter on the pivot table....as that does not work (i.e. this causes a filter to be made on the slicer, so the data can be viewed if someone changes the filter -...
  18. R

    Excel 2010 : Intersect via VBA and MACROS book

    For the IntersectRange example for shading overlapping regions in Chapter3, how exactly and where can I see the definition for "Range1" and "Range2"? Thanks
  19. L

    How to make a chart with multiple range values in Y axis

    I know the title of the post doesnt make much sense but please just look at the picture to understand what I am looking to make with Excel 2010. Is it even possible though Excel?
  20. K

    Made a workbook in 2010, now the radio buttons don't work when opened in 2013.

    Just as the title says - the radio buttons cannot be selected, and the user also can't right click on them. I struggled to find someone else who had the same problem, but we followed the steps in these two posts and it did not fix it: unable to click ActiveX control and form control Excel 2010...

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