3 dimensional

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    I need to organize data by 3 dimensions. City, Metric, and Month over month. How do I do this?

    So, I am trying to organize data for a startup company in Excel so it's more presentable. Currently, a lot of our data is being collected by 3 different CRMs and Google analytics. I just want to organize a lot of this data in Excel for the time-being until we can set up an organized and...
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    Three dimentional tables & validations using Excel

    Hello I have learned to do the 2 dimensional validations in Excel using tables and data validation. Is there a way you can make it 3 dimensional? I need a way of representing resources vs. features vs. schedule and I hate to use MS Project Thanks Explorer
  3. B

    Pivot Database with 3 Dimensions

    I have been trying to setup a database for activity at a workplace. The database is suppose to have columns for activity (ID-number), people involved in it and equipment used. The problem is that the number of people involved in an activity can vary along with the equipment used. Basically this...

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