3d chart

  1. kbaiseri

    Rotate 3D Pie charts - need to know how

    Hello, I have some 3D Pie Charts based on Pivot Tables. They work just fine. I would like to move the larger part of the Pie Chart to the top leaving the smaller slices on the bottom and the ablility to read the percentage and title. Please advise if you have a solution - thanks for your...
  2. R

    Cluster & Stacked Bar Chart

    Does anyone know how to do a 3D bar chart that is both clustered and stacked like in this picture. http://www.nevron.com/gallery/FullGalleries/chart/bar/images/XYZ_Stack_Bars_Chart.png
  3. T

    Adding a Z Axis to a 3D Chart

    I would like to know how to add a z-axis to a 3D chart in Excel 2007, Excel 2007 enables addition of a z-axis to a 3D chart but how does one do this and what would a sample data set for this kind of chart look like. I've tried searching and all I've found is how to add a secondary y-axis to a...
  4. B

    3D graph (chart) on excel

    Is anyone aware of a 3D add-on that allow me to show an real 3 dimensional plot. I have "xy", xz" and "yz" two dimensional dynamic plots (you can watch the forms change as the values change) but I would like to have a 3D view. I say "real" because there are several people who have figured out...
  5. M

    Actual 3D Graphs in Excel (for Mac)

    I have three columns of values that I want to graph on an actual 3D (x-, y-, z-axis) chart. As far as I can find, Excel only offers 3D charts as a visual effect. Is there a way to graph 3D data, or does Excel really only have the capability to do 2D? For system info, I'm running Excel:mac 2008...
  6. N

    3D Chart Proportion

    I created a 3D column chart comparing data for 2007, 2008, and 2009. With 2009 data appearing towards the front and going back to 2007. Since the chart is 3D, the columns begin in a different position for each year, so that even though the data in the column towards the front is a larger value...

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