97-2003 compatibility

  1. S

    sumifs "*text*" not recognised by excel 97-2003 version

    Hi How do I write the following formula in a way that will be recognised by excel 97-2003? =SUMIFS(H43:H82,E43:E82,"*Material*")
  2. B

    An Excel 2010 compatibility issue with 97-2003

    I have a spreadsheet that I created in Excel 2010 with some data validation (drop down list), a pivot table and some sumif/vlookup all in the same spreadsheet. I want to make it available to others (running Excel 2007) in our network using the same functionality (noted earlier) but I have been...
  3. megnin

    Pivot Table won't update with multiple selections

    I'm having several probles with a pivot table. (I'm using Excel 2007 and saving in Excel 97-2003 compatibility mode.) I have a Pivot Table with a Page Field named "ReviewDate". The items which come from a Data sheet are "2008-01", "2008-02", "2008-03", etc... An item for each month, 2008 then...

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