1. R

    Adding a period to abbreviations in address column

    I would like to a a period to abbreviations for Road(Rd.), Street(St.), Highway(Hwy.), Lane(Ln.) etc. in the address column in excel. Address column is Column F Row 2. Let me know if you need any other information. Thank you!
  2. H

    Unique Abbreviation Problem

    Hello, I am trying to extract abbreviations from a string of words and display them in a new cell. The abbreviations are as follows: Wheat; W Dairy; D Egg; E Fish; F Shellfish; SH Soy; S Peanut; P Tree Nut; TN Vegan; VGN Vegetarian; V The Strings can be any combination of any or all of these...
  3. G

    Multi Find Replace Keywords with Abbreviation from Range - How to loop through a changing range

    Multi Find Replace Keywords with Abbreviation from Range - How to loop through a changing range This is my first post, so please be patient. I have a sheet with data in col B. This is the data to be updated. This VBA finds the keywords in col B that match the keywords in col N and replaces the...
  4. A

    3 letter abbreviation for dropdown box

    Hi All, I am trying to link a dropdown box in a form to an action query, but I do not know the 3 letter abbreviation for a dropdown box. thanks so much for your help. Sharon
  5. A

    Analyzing Comments in Excel 2010 Cells

    This is my first post on a forum like this and I am just learning advanced excel functions/formulas. I have to review comments submitted as part of a survey and then code those comments that contain complaints about specific areas, etc. I pull the survey data from a web server as CSV files and...
  6. H

    Turning Names to Abbreviations

    I am looking for a way to turn a cell with a name eg. John Adams Smith into: J. A. Smith The trick is that it still needs to function if there are only 2 names eg. John Smith Thanks for the help in advance... I got lost in the stings of formulas on this one.
  7. C

    Drop Down List With Details

    I'm not quite sure how to accomplish this, but I want to have a drop down list with abbreviations and details, but when you pick an option, only the abbreviation goes into the target cell. For example if I made a drop down list that had state abbreviations AND their descriptions...

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