1. D

    Unique ID Filter

    Hi All, I have run into a wall on a data base I am trying to complete. I have a mass of data but I am primarily working with 3 columns that will finish up my workbook. For the purpose of this question I have scrubbed erroneous data. I have cell A with Name, cell B with Serial to Name and cell D...
  2. bobkap

    InStr function

    I am trying to see if a string contains a certain word or just letters like "ABC". This line of code I have works but ONLY if the word I'm looking for is at the very beginning of the string. If the word is say starting at the 5th character of the string I get a zero for the result. How should...
  3. B

    Combination in excel

    How to list of all possible combinations of a single list with n number of data in excel? For example: Data: (n = 3) A B C How to generate in excel? A B C AB AC BC ABC And is there a general formula if n is a large number e.g. n = 50?
  4. C

    Macro to show message on invalid format by checking if filled for dynamic range

    Hi Experts, I was given a task wherein I have to write a macro on email to check if the format is anything@anything.anything for a complete column when value is entered in that cell ,blanks are allowed. now data can be in rows 1,2,3,7,9.... Kindly help. <tbody> Operation name email Create...
  5. A

    Complex Formula

    Hello All, I have data that is similar to the one below: <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Name Place GEE 50 Depot 50 50 ABC 53 50 GEE 50 SGEE 50 GEESTN 50 DRG 51 Depot 51 ABC 51 FED 51 SGTE 51 GEST 51 DRG 53 Depot 53 ABC 53...
  6. D

    Problem with time format :

    hi all I have 2 cells 3:00pm 3:00 I want to get rid of the : from each cell and change it to . I found/edited this code which works for 3:00pm but not 3:00? Sub Remove() Dim rgxRegExp As Object Dim rngCell As Range, rngRange As Range Dim abc As String abc =...
  7. M

    Lookup multiple instances of the same value in a range

    Hi all, I'm trying to lookup every instance of a value (Vendor Name) and return the total sum of each of these rows value from another column (Retention Held). For example - When ABC Contractor is selected in cell R4, I want every instance of ABC Contractors on the Retention Register to be...
  8. K

    Index/Match with Multiple Criteria

    Hello, Looking for some help would would save lots of time and manual labor. It is a basic index match with 3 criteria; as well as obtaining the MAX value of the index. So; the raw data looks like such. <tbody> SHEET 1 A B C D E 1 Group Business Control Risk1 Risk2 2 ABC...
  9. B

    Count IF formula?

    hello I don't know if this would be a count if formula, or something else, any ideas I have 3 columns of data that have unique ID Codes for example Column A Row 1: ABC Column B Row 1: BCD Column C Row 1: ABC I want to show the % of time that one officer code was the same, so for this example...
  10. A

    Combine unique data from a cell on another sheet with another cell on the current sheet without loosing its current data

    <tbody> Sheet 1 Remarks A1 ABC. </tbody> <tbody> Sheet 2 Remarks A1 ABC. EFG. HIJ </tbody> I have 2 sheets which are duplicates in data. Sheet 1 is the master sheet and the Sheet 2 is for someone to add any additional comments. Just say I have updated with more comments in the remarks...
  11. R

    VBA to add month and year to text

    I have this line of code, which adds a title to a report I've created: ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "ABC COMPANY INC. - SALES COMMISSION REPORT FOR JULY 2017" Works great, but as each month goes by, I'd like to not have to go into the code and change the name of the month. Plus, when I do the...
  12. T

    Creating a database style list from a matrix/table

    Morning all, I have a matrix of data that I want to turn into a database type listing so I can use pivot tables on the data. By way of example, I have a table that looks something like this: <tbody> WBS ABC WBS XYZ WBS LMN GL Code XYZ $10,000 GL Code ABC $12,000 $10,000 GL Code...
  13. A

    Remove rows with dublicate field values

    Hi, I have two tables: one with all items from a ERP-system (2), and one with manual correction to the items lists product hierachy (1). The manual corrections (1) can hold items which also will be found in the item list table (2). The two tables are joined in an UNION query. My problem is...
  14. F

    Excel Database and aut fill

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to figure out if there is a way for me to set up a sheet like a database. Then on another sheet when I type in the name of something, and excel would automatically fill the rest of the infomation for me, it would really save me a lot of time if I can find out a...
  15. R

    Transposition of data

    I have data in excel as follow Employee code BSALY MDALLW HRA BM-0001 148,000 14,850 66,825 BM-0002 45,454 15,000 30,000 I want data as follow Employee Code BM-0001 BSALY 148,500 BM-0001 MDALLW...

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