1. T

    What is wrong with this as an array formula?

    To start with, an array formula that works as expected. {=COUNT(ABS(Alg.Oth!$AO$602:$AO$4592))} Of course it gives result same as a non-array formula without ABS. =COUNT(Alg.Oth!$AO$602:$AO$4592) So, i tried to modify it to COUNTIF and Excel won't let me enter it, gives the "there is an error...
  2. M

    Summing negative numbers to return the Absolute Value

    I have a sheet in which negative numbers are required, however, I need to convert the negatives to the absolute value on another sheet. I have tried =sum(abs(a2:a6)), but the I am only getting the #value ! error. Any suggestions?
  3. JTL9161

    Sorting with ABS

    I am adding 4 columns, 3 of which have ABS totals. When I do =Sum( of the 4 columns I get correct sum but when I try to sort the 15 numbers from lowest to highest it does not put them in the correct order. The first column below is the total and this is after I sorted them. The first row of...
  4. Z

    Formula Help #Value on ABS

    HI this works, but if I am returning 0 right I get #value . I would like to return nothing if there is nothing if I can =ABS(IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B2,'Paychex (2)'!$D$2:$Z$300,5,0)+0,0)+ABS(IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B2,'Paychex (2)'!$D$2:$Z$300,7,0)+0,0)))*(S2)
  5. V

    Finding Absolute Values from an Array with VBA

    Hi, array formula =IFERROR(INDEX($A7:$A4031,MATCH(MIN(ABS(B$7:B4031-B4)),ABS(B$7:B4031-B4),0)),"") In the formula above I need some way to find the ABS part using VBA. Please advise.
  6. S

    macro for msgbox

    In column B. I need to check cells in random order. If there is value then display msg box. For eg If cell B3 value = ABS then msg box "Please use ABS view" if cell b5 calue = 50% then msg box"value should be greater than 90%" The problem I am facing is the macro keeps on displaying msg box...
  7. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Look in Column A, if cell contains "total" Then Function

    Hello Group, I am working on a project and need some help. I have a sheet that contains a pivot table Range A:Q and need code that will look in Column A for the string "Total" (will contain other text besides total) and then look in that specific Row columns F:Q and see if the cell is greater...
  8. J

    Totaling Absolute Values

    Doing inventory, Item A is short -3 Item B is over +3 Total amount of inventory +/- is 0 but in reality I am off by 6 I know ABS returns the absolute value of a number and it is not a big deal to add an extra column for ABS Value But I was wondering if there was a neat trick to...
  9. css0911

    Substract hours

    Hi AI = 198:00 A2 = 196.50 Both the above cells are in the format of [HH]:MM I need in A3 the result as -01:10 (which is A2-A1) Currently with the help of INT and ABS functions i was able to get the result in number format as -1.10 Thanks in advance
  10. K

    IF function to end with ABS

    Hello, I was wondering how to combine an IF calculation to end in an ABS within the same formula. For example CELLS A1=-5 A2=-6 IF(A1="","",((A1+A2))) The end result will be -11, but I dont want that. I would like to include the absolute value function (ABS) within the IF function so it would...
  11. M

    How do I add the last consecutive cells starting from right to left and also reset and/or skip particular cells?

    So I have created this awesome spreadsheet (in my opinion) as a school admin but I have at least one thing that has been bugging me for close to 3 months. Here is the data: <tbody> last name first name consecutive days days absent 8/30 9/1 9/4 9/5 9/6 9/7 #1 student Yes L4 Yes L4 Yes L4...
  12. M

    Using ABS within an IF function

    Hi from Oz!! Straight down to it, I'm wanting to use the ABS function within my formula. I'm currently using =IF(C12<>"",G12-G11,"") It's essentially a basic find the difference between 2 cells & it displays nothing when the relating cell (C12) is blank. I need the result of G12-G11 to be in...
  13. T

    How do I calculate Absolute Value in a cell not aligned with rows used in the array?

    Is there a way to calculate Absolute Value in a cell that's not aligned with the rows used in the array? I'm using ABS(I33:39) but it only calculates if the cell I place the ABS formula in is somewhere in rows 33-39. Here are the formula's I'm using... Works just fine in any row: <code...
  14. Q

    Return Index Match with multiple criteria (ABS, MIN, possible IF statements)

    I need to find the "Maximum Minimum" of S2 (the closest to S2 without going over like the Price is Right), WITH P2:P14 being equal to "AA". Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I feel like maybe now maybe the problem is with my original formula? Because your answer looks correct as far as...
  15. Q

    Should be a quick answer for you guys...

    I have the formula below working like I want but I need to add ONE MORE criteria: the returned value must also have a rating of "AA" in column P2:P14. How in the world do I do this?? =INDEX(O2:O13,MATCH(MIN(ABS(K2:K14-S2)),ABS(K2:K14-S2),0)) Thanks!
  16. J

    Help with unknown row numbers in SUMIF

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I am using the following to sum data in another sheet: =SUMIF(BOE!$B$1:$B$38,"*("&$A6&")*",BOE!$H$1:$H$38) This gives me the correct sum but I would like to change it so that I don't have to know the absolute range, namely the row number. Here is...
  17. G

    average of absolute values if some cells are left blank.

    Hello, I have a small problem, An array of cells contains number, negative or positive. Although some cells are left blank in the array. Which cells are blank and which ones aren't vary depending on previous input. I would like to take the average of the absolute values of the number in the...
  18. M

    Sum of absolute values in a range with #n/a also in the range

    I ahve a range of cells containing postive and negative numbers, and the range also has some #n/a values. I want need a formula that will give me the sum of the absolute values in this range. I',ve tried sumproduct(abs(range)) which will only work if there are no #n/a values. Is there a way of...
  19. J

    Sum of the absolute value of differences of to matrix

    Hi, I'm new here. I would like to know if there is a formula or formulation that calculate the sum of the absolute differences of two matrix A B C 1 5 3 2 2 7 4 1 3 -2 -1 1 So, the answers I'm looking for in this example is sum of 2+1+1=4 I hope someone could help me...
  20. G

    AVERAGE IF ABS(Range)>x

    Hi all, I've been struggling with the COUNTIFS and AVERAGEIFS functions when dealing with the ABS function. What I want to do is: =COUNTIFS(Criteria_range1,criteria1,Criteria_range2,criteria2, etc...) Which is working fine until I want to use the ABS function within this function, for...

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