1. M

    Insert Row Breaks Formula's - Seeking Work Around

    Hello Excel Masters - Seeking your help on the following: I have a workbook with two tabs, sheet1 and sheet2 Sheet1 cell A1 = 5 Sheet2 cell A1 contains the formula =Sheet1!A1 which = 5 If I select sheet1 row 1 and insert a new row so that 5 is now in cell A2, the formula in Sheet2 cell A1...
  2. N

    IFS, rounding and absolute values

    I am not sure if I am over complicating this or not. I have the following set up and while excel is great and accurate I need to figure out how to achieve the result I want. So I have this formula in my size column -...
  3. P

    Excel 2010 formula to look up duplicates so I can contra them off

    Hi, first of all thank you for looking at this post. I have started a new job and am wanting to improve the speedof the month end process. I have to download the information from Excel from thenominal ledger to review (approx. 3000 lines) some of the values are the same butare pluses and...
  4. R

    Button to copy value from one cell to another

    Greetings, Hoping someone can help with a script to make a Button (form control) copy the value from cell D4 and write it into the cell which is referenced as an absolute in cell E4. I'm not sure if I'm using the right button btw. Any help appreciated :-)
  5. muhammad susanto

    Conditional Formatting In Absolute Number, Highlighted Color

    hi all.. how to make CF formula with condition like this : in absolute number (20% as parameter) if C2=>20% - give this cell Red color if C2=>-20% - give this cell Green color <tbody> data expected result (Hightlighted) 25% Red -25% Green </tbody> any help, greatly...
  6. B

    Formula to Pick largest absolute value and return column header

    Hello, Need assistance with a formula to return the largest absolute value in a range and return the column heading in row 1. Found this formula on another forum and it works but it only gives me the largest value, not the largest absolute value...
  7. danhendo888

    Copy paste formulas to new sheet (absolute references)

    https://1drv.ms/x/s!AvjBsEPEq12ngUDMrgxRZFuYzsgm?e=ghaRAa Hi guys, I need to copy/paste cells M1:V14 to Sheet2 but have the absolute references point to the cells from the original sheet Is there a way to do this?
  8. M

    Summing negative numbers to return the Absolute Value

    I have a sheet in which negative numbers are required, however, I need to convert the negatives to the absolute value on another sheet. I have tried =sum(abs(a2:a6)), but the I am only getting the #value ! error. Any suggestions?
  9. B

    Commence macro from current (not absolute) cursor position

    I should know how to do this, but I don't. When I use Record Macro to create some new VBA code, it records the absolute position - row, column, and sheet name - but I often want a macro to work anywhere from the starting position. See the code below. My goal is to select a set of cells in a...
  10. willow1985

    How to always Reference Cell even if row is deleted?

    I am using the below formula but always get a reference error when I delete row 14. I always want it to reference C14 even if the row is deleted. Any idea how to incorporate an absolute or index in this formula? =EOMONTH(C14,0) Thank you to anyone who can answer this!
  11. J

    Change all cells to Absolute $?$

    Hello Is there a way where you can change all the cells to absolute references? I want to select A1:OO100 and change all the formula to $?$ what is the short cut to do this? im using a Mac. Thank you
  12. muhammad susanto

    Conditional Formatting Only Biggest Number And Zero in Absolute Formated

    hi all... how to make in Conditional Formatting highlighted cell e.q. yellow with criteria : 1. Only biggest number choice ; and 2. the number in absolute format (positive or negative number);or 3. the number is zero (0) for criteria 1 and 2, this formula below worked well but for criteria 3...
  13. J

    Row Insert with Marcro

    I have a Macro that I have recorded that is copying columns H and I, inserting two new columns and moving the previous H and I to J and K. In D3, I have the following formula: =SUMIF($H$2:$AAA$2,"Interest",$H$3:AAA3) When I run the macro to insert the new columns, the absolute reference to H2...
  14. M

    Hyperlink Problem

    Hello and thank you in advance if you can help, I am using excel 2019 64 bit on a PC. I have a VBA macro that I have used to create hyperlinks in the past. It has always worked fine, and it "sort of" is working now, but it is not keeping the absolute hyperlink I need, so it will not open the...
  15. W

    Need Named Range Formula to Auto Adjust for Every 5 Rows

    Hi everyone - I am trying to avoid creating hundreds of named range formulas. I have set up an image box to display one of three different images in A2 of Sheet1 if B2 of Sheet1 contains one of three specific values, no image shows if B2 contains the value "0". The formula I use for this named...
  16. M

    Countifs based on 'contains' but references a cell in table

    Hi I have the below formula I basically want to count if the country in my current table appears within text in my country column in table1 Also since I want to absolute reference the PM, I've use $C$2 as I didn't know how to absolute reference the cell in a table if I just clicked on it. It...
  17. J

    Absolute Offset ?

    Is there a way to move an absolute value cell reference,up or down in a worksheet column with an offset formula.....or some other method not using a relative or moderate value...my worksheet is large and the table contents I want to count,keeps changing,skipping rows In the example...
  18. N

    Sumifs absolute

    Hi All, Been trying to make this work with previous similar questions but unable to make it work. When trying to do this on a summary level the absolute is done on the top level and not on the line by line level and then summed, which is what i am looking for For example If i do a cross grid...
  19. M

    Can someone get this formula to work?

    Hello...My name is Nathan, and I am trying to get the following formula to work. I simply want to assign full credit(2 points), partial credit credit(1 point) and no credit(0 points) for the given criteria...
  20. R

    I Need a formula to show full, partial and zero credit results

    Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Robert, and I have just one Excel formula issue. The following formula works perfectly, but I want to add criteria for "0" credit as well. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Robert...

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