1. J

    Difference between ACCDB vs ADODB database

    What is the difference between an ACCDB database and a ADODB database. I use Access 2016. My current database is ACCDB. How can I convert it t ADODB.
  2. S

    access 2013 vba relink back end tables if not found

    good afternoon, I am looking for a way of relinking back end tables if the links get broken. back end file name changes sometimes. my links are not just a back end single accdb, there are 3 accdb's and 2 excel xlsx or xlsm files. I used access to link them, however when updated back ends...
  3. S

    Silently Run Macro in Background

    Hi guys, So this is what I'm trying to do. I've created a workbook that pulls data from an Access query, updates the data from an external source, and then creates a text file (with some dalay for the data to update) that will be imported and rewrite current values in the Access database. In an...
  4. V

    Send Access Table Using VBA code by outlook

    Dear All Gurus, I have a access having with table name "Daily_RTO" i want to send it on email "" by access VBA code using outlook email system. Im new to VBA codes, pls suggest me full code of sending Access Tables and Select Queries to given email addess. Thanks & Regards...
  5. U

    Using rcount after connecting to a database.

    I have a routine that calls a function that opens an Access accdb file but I cannot get a row count from the database. Sub DBMgr() Const XMLSht As String = "Imported XML" 'XML Import Worksheet Const MDB As String = "DB.accdb" 'Primary Database...
  6. C

    Version Compatibility 2007 <-> 2010 - REALLY?!?!?!

    Ok, so I have an access 2010 database (accdb) I'm using as a front end to pull data from a mysql server and an oracle server (linked tables). I build queries and reports for a user who will run reports from this database who has access 2007. I have 2010. I have a reasonably straightforward...
  7. B

    Run-time error 3706 - Provider not found

    Hi Guys, I am building an application for Excel 2003 which pulls data from an Access 2007 database using an ADO connection. I have successfully tested this using Excel 2007 in 2003 compatibility mode using : strPathName = ThisWorkbook.Path MyConn = strPathName & "\Test.accdb" Set cnn = New...

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