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    Linking a table from online Excel file

    Due to a transition, I now have to use an online portal to connect my current excel files (located in local drives now) to my access database. Does anyone know how to import an HTML website which is an Excel file to access? Similar to Office 365 Excel FILES. The actual source I'm using is a...
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    Import in ACCESS: DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport - ERROR "Record is too large"

    Hello, I need some help with the following issue. The task is about importing more than 100 sheets from one excel file. I tried with SavedImportExports, but it is not flexible for management. Then I made some progress with Macro>ImportExportSpreadsheet - in design view and the modified in VBA to...
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    VBA that formats sheetname based on the sheetname itself

    I get an excel workbook everyweek that has 7 sheets on it. The person that sends the file puts the name of the sheet and the date range (i.e. OutPatient 01-01-2011 - 01-08-2011) when I import this into access it creates a table based on the sheet name. I want to append the data so I need to...
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    Losing Data when Importing from Excel to Access

    I am working in an Access Database and have pasted data from Excel. I did not receive any paste errors, but found that there was a bunch of data missing from the Access table. After reviewing, it appears that the excluded records included quotes in the description field. I figured out how to...

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