access query

  1. T

    Number Serial Numbers in sequential order by order of appearance

    I have a question about numbering rows of data in a Access table or query. I do not want to number each row but want to number each time a serial number appears in a table or query. I have already sorted by date and would like to have a reference in the table of each appearance of a Serial...
  2. R

    Import from access query (adding input boxes to satisfy the rilte requirements)

    Hello all, First off, the experts on this site have been so helpful in my VBA endeavours. I can't thank you enough. Now, my next challenge..... I have been using the following code to pull data from various queries within my database.... Sub Get_Data () ' pull data from the database...
  3. V

    Missing Dates - Running Balance

    Hello, I have a table that looks like this: Account_Number----------Currency-----------PostingDate--------Closing Balance 1234-------------------------USD--------------July 1, 2016----------$100 1234-------------------------USD--------------July 3, 2016----------$100...
  4. T

    Do not display 0 if there is no count

    I am using a query to count how many Departments there are according to a set of criteria. The count always shows a blank field if the field has nothing in it, How do I make this not show a blank field. I am including my sql below. SELECT TOP 10 tbl_Cause_Code_Dashboard.Description...
  5. A

    Query to add 2 rows together

    This is hard to explain, but here goes: Simplified Data: ValueA ValueB 5 30 10 40 15 50 20 60 Can I write a query that would result in the following? Expression1 10+30 = 40 15+40 = 55 20+50 = 70 I need to add the present row + the value of the...
  6. bs0d

    Chart Dates without Blanks

    I have daily data set (via query) which may have dates missing. I use a line-graph to view the data. Where dates are missing, the chart will draw a line between the two points, which is visually inaccurate. If the dates are missing, I'd like to see a gap instead, or zero's. So I'm looking for...
  7. A

    Access query formula

    Hi, I have a simple formula in an access query that is returning -1 instead of 10000000. Can you take a look at the formula and let me know what I am doing wrong. Its basically supposed to return 10000000 if greater than 25000 or less than -25000 RESEARCH: IIf([Change Unit...
  8. A

    Adding row count to access query

    Hi, I am trying to add row count to an access query so each row has a unique number. I tried the Dcount but it was giving me an error message. Thanks for your help, Sharon
  9. K

    IF Statement Inquiry

    I have a DATE field "Target Date", which I have values for. I want to create a new DATE column in my access query called "Validation Date". The "Validate Date" will equal the last day of the year 12/31/2016, 2017, 2018, etc., and is based off of the "Target Date". If the "Target Date" is...
  10. K

    Concatenating Multiple Columns in one row

    Hello Everyone, I have been on the web searching for answers and I just can not find one that works (I'm sure it is something I am not doing right) I have a table in Access called TBL003_Combined Data that has the following columns: UPLOADED REF ID QTY PART NUMBER ITEM DESCRIPTION SHIP TO...
  11. swaink

    Does field contain string from another field in a seperate table

    Morning all please bear with me please as Access is not my strong point but I'm working on it I need to update a field in one table to show a null value if it contains certain strings For example if the field contains "Company" or "International" of "Construction" etc I will make those fields...
  12. A

    Insert a Sequence Number

    I would like to insert a sequence number into a query that currently returns 7367 rows. Here's what it looks like now: <tbody> ID_NUM DTE_FIN_TRANS_RCV 1322 9/27/2012 1322 7/10/2012 1011 7/2/1999 1011 9/22/1999 1011 10/21/1999 </tbody> Here's the desired outcome with sequences...
  13. A

    Access Query help, find unmatched by date

    Hello, I'm new to Access and I've been trying to get my sales team's information gathered in a database. I have a table that has all my employees names and each date they submit a sale, what I'm trying to do is create a query that will tell me which persons did not submit information for a...
  14. C

    Problem refreshing large number of Access queries in workbook

    I have a workbook/report that is fed from ~200 queries to an access database. we recently added a number of queries and we have started to get odd behaviour when the code gets to the 120-150 query range in that it starts prompting for a data source. I'm sure the problem is NOT the queries...
  15. Y

    Please Help on Acces Querries

    Hello Everyone I am new her . I have a mdb that contains many tables like: Customers. that includes the fields: CusID, CusName ... Invoice.that includes the fields: InvoiceNo, CusID, Amount... Incomingmoney:that includes the fields: IncomID, CusID, IncomingAmount... Shippedcontianers that...
  16. G

    [Advanced] VBA Query Errors when Directory Path is Too Long

    Sub Repoint_Pivots() Dim DBDIR As String Dim PvtItem As PivotItem DBDIR = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Databases" 'Storage Place of "Geo.mdb" Sheets("Markets").PivotTables("PivotTable1").SourceData = _ Array("DSN=MS Access Database;DBQ=" & DBDIR & "\Geo.mdb;DefaultDir=" & DBDIR & ";DriverId=25;FIL=MS...

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