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    Simple Pivot Table Years (number format) in Filter shows as Accounting Format

    Hello. This is a weird event in my pivot table. I have a raw/flat file that has a column with years in it formatted as a number (2015, 2016, etc). In my pivot table filters and if used as column headers or values they show as accounting formatted ($2,017). I've done everything from...
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    Currency/Accounting dropdowns

    Is it possible to change these currency options? I use 2 or 3 currencies regularly and would like to have the other two be easily accessible along with USD. Thanks for your help!
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    Change currency format of all currency cells in a workbook based on a dropdown/input

    Hi All, I've been struggling with this for a while and it would be amazing if I could solve it! Word of warning, My VBA knowledge is limited :(. My Goal: To have a cell where you enter (or select from a dropdown) a currency (USD,EUR,GBP etc.) that then changes all currency cells in a workbook...
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    VBA to switch Currency Formats (USD, GBP, EUR, etc)

    My overall goal with the code below is to replace all $ formats in a workbook with £ or € as selected by the user. However the code seems to get stuck on the line " Application.ReplaceFormat.NumberFormat = ReplaceNew " which returns null. As far as I can tell, the only reason for this is...
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    Number Format Question

    Hi, I need help with formatting number in a cell. I want to format a cell with "accounting" with negative numbers showing in a red parenthesis, but it only shows with negative sign when I format it with "accounting". How can I customize the "accounting" format to show negative numbers in red...
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    Customizing the Accounting Formats dropdown list

    Hi friends! I'd like to know if there is anyway to customize the "Accounting Formats" dropdown list at the Home tab, Number section in the ribbon. Does any of you Excel Blackbelt Ninja know how to do that? Just for clarification, I don't need to create any custom format, what I need is to...
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    Accounting Software Excel Format

    Please let me know if excel can automatically perform debits and credits. For example: 1.After an invoice is made. Excel will automatically deduct the number of the items sold in the invoice in the stock sheet. 2.Since the invoice was not paid. Excel will add the due amount in the customer...
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    Blank cell which is not blank?

    When accounting software (in my experience) outputs an account in XL format, I find that the spaces are not necessarily spaces. It's easier to explain if I give you an example. Here is a small sample of the output. Columns A...
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    Custom Format - align currency symbols

    I am using the custom cell format to change the way large numbers are displayed but cannot find how to align the currency symbol similar to using the built-in "accounting format". I want to display "$97,234,567" (for example) as "$97.23 M" and align the subsequent cells with the currency symbol...
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    currency symbol not aligned

    Hi, I am new to the forum and also not very savvy with Excel. This may be an easy question but I just don't know how to solve it. Any help is appreciated! I use Excel 2008 on mac. 1. I am using accounting format for the price column of my spreadsheet. I like how the figure is indented away...

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