1. B

    Power Query - Combine, transform and track data

    Hello All, As a reasonably seasoned excel user, im embarking on learning power query to try to achieve something which could quite well be impossible :) So hoping I can get some clarification from the real experts! Situation: I have a CSV file provided to me every day detailing a list of...
  2. W

    How can I fetch a web site in VBA without using IE? I now use IE & MSXML... to do fetches.

    Chase Credit Card issued this announcement: Please update your browser.We'll stop supporting Internet Explorer® soon. Choosing another browser will also help protect your accounts and provide a better experience. Update your browser I would prefer to use Chrome ver. 77. Any advice?
  3. C

    Top Offender List

    Hello, I have a list of alarm reponses that I need to sort. Ideally I would be able to show: The percentage of accounts that are responsible for the majority of alarms (e.g. 90% of alarms come from 9% of accounts) A Top Offenders List of the top 25 problem accounts My sheet includes: A =...
  4. tlc53

    VBA Code - Macro to Auto Format by hiding and/or resizing rows

    Hi, I have certain formatting (hiding of rows or resizing of a row) that needs to occur if new accounts are added/removed. I will have a macro button which can be run if they make any changes to the accounts. Cell K36 has a count formula and tells you how many accounts there are. Depending on...
  5. D

    Complex VLookup?

    Hi there, Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if any Excel experts could give some guidance on a VLookup question? I am trying to look-up two combined records. I have a sheet with Entity 1, Entity 2, Entity 3 as columns, then as rows (headers) I have departments (Accounts, HR, Admin). I...
  6. M

    Subtracting from a total and show remaning

    Hello, Ok so what I am trying to do is, I have a total of 500. And I have different accounts I want the 500 to come out of like for example: (A1) (B1) (C1) Dan. 100. ¤ Bob. 50. ¤ Mark. 50. ¤ John. 25. ¤ Alex. 200. ¤...
  7. S

    Extract and Save multiple worksheets to own workbook

    Hi, I have a workbook that contains 32 separate sheets inside it. I would like to copy 6 of the sheet from it, but copy them to their own individual workbook and save each one as the tab name, and have them save to my desktop. Example of what I mean, some of the tabs I want are named "Accounts...
  8. G

    Can we send Outlook mails from different accounts

    Hi Everyone, I need suggestions that can we send mails from different accounts were i would be having usernames and passwords in an excel sheet, from those username and password it should login to outlook and send a mail(were all my mail details would also be in excel sheet itself) Regards...
  9. S

    Help with formula: Seperate Items into new tabs.

    Hello, I don't know whether what I am trying to do is possible? I have a summary tab in my spreadsheet that has a number of New and Existing Accounts. I need to have two further separate tabs: one that displays only the new accounts and relevant data associated to that account, and the same...
  10. I

    Paste each cell 12 times

    Hi I have list of accounts and I need each account to be pasted 12 times. So I need to transform Column A into Column B. I have 1600 accounts so I was really hoping not to do this manually :))
  11. B

    Need formula to pull in # of something based on a range

    client ID Accounts 12c3 4.3 12c3 6.5 12c3 9.1 14d4 2.2 14d4 5.3 Okay, so I have a spreadsheet with about 30,000 rows of data. I need to first run a pivot table that will give me the client ID #s and a count a accounts. Then I want to...
  12. J

    Dynamic range from another sheet

    Dynamic range?! I´ll try to give an example on what I would like to do: Sheet A, my data containing sheet fill in e.g. orders, date of order, accounts, invoice dates, cost etc e.g: Row Order no Account Company Order date Order sum payment plan date actual...
  13. S

    Sum Indirect??

    Hey, So I have many P+L's and looking to create one roll up depending on which P+L's I choose. Wondering how I would create this? I have each P+L on a separate tab The summary would be where I select whatever accounts I want. Thank you for the help,
  14. K

    Need help figuring out a sum formula.

    I have three worksheets: Invoices, Accounts, Groups The hierarchy works like this - Each Group (row) can have multiple accounts That means that in accounts there's a column specifying group for each row. Each Account (Row) can have multiple Invoices. in the same way, in Invoices there's...
  15. K

    VBA QUESTION, dependant combobox on another combobox in Userform

    I tried to google this, but didn't know how to word it properly so couldn't find a proper non complicated solution. I have a table called 'Accounts' with all the account information. Right now when I open the userform I have: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() AccountBox.List =...
  16. J

    Pivot Filter above threshold value

    Have setup a pivot table. Have a field of account codes under the filters area. I am able to filter on one account or specifically filter on selected accounts However I want to filter on all accounts over a certain value...
  17. K

    Calculating A Total from specific column & days

    Hi All, I have an excel sheet where i want to work out peoples totals for completed tasks. Example Data <tbody> Date Operator Account 01/12/2018 John Doe Mr Smith 01/12/2018 John Doe Mr Smith 02/12/2018 Jane Doe Mrs Smith 05/12/2018 Jane Doe Mrs Smith </tbody> so from the above...
  18. P

    Enter department next to earnings, deductions etc.

    Hi all, I would like to use a VBA code so that to copy next to each earnings or deductions or contributions, the department which is in col. “C”. Therefore, that the rows are not stably and I present just an extract of data. There are also deductions & contributions. Below the original data and...
  19. S

    Array formula needed to pull non duplicate names

    Hi there Had a lot of help here before so looking for similar help. I have a big list of accounts with duplicate people for certain accounts Looking to pull specific people that belong to a certain account without duplicates. I have the people in column O with the account number in column F...
  20. S

    Get Percentage on Basis of Text Fields

    hi Friends, please help i am not very much familiar with VBA Need help with the below code this is being used for Random Sample picking tool, Currently set to pick 10 accounts for evry users, now i need to pick 10% of Users productivity, the higjlighted part shows slecting 10 and from...

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