1. F

    Ensuring a cell doesn't show a negative number

    Hi, I have the following code in N2 =(E2*0.1)-35 And it is showing a negative number which is correct. The issue is, I want it to show 0 if the number is negative, how can I achieve this please? Thanks again.
  2. U

    Excel VBA code to extract all outlook global address emails and UserID

    Hi All, Im trying to get outlook global email address and userId in to my workbook What is the best way to achieve this Please can you help me Many many many thanks
  3. A

    Multi column listbox and textbox search

    Hi Guys, I've got a user form with a listbox and textbox. What I'm trying to achieve is when I type things in the textbox it searches the listbox and removes anything that doesnt relate.("*" Wildcard "*") The column I want it to search in is column C and it currently has 6 columns. What is the...
  4. J

    Merge/Combine Rows Help

    Hello! looking for some help. I have a sheet with over 2000 rows, some duplicates, some not. I am after a way to quickly edit the sheet to achieve a few things: 1 row entry for each unique item - combine the information (If info is present) in columns E, F, G & H for the row. Here is what I...
  5. R

    Integrate automatic journey time into excel formula

    Afternoon guys I use Excel 2016 to produce costing sheets for projects, and I'm trying to figure out if I can get excel to automatically work out how far each customer is from a preset location e.g. a contractor. Any ideas on how to achieve it? Not sure whether it needs to be a super-techy...
  6. L

    Remove consecutive numbers

    Hello Guys, I saw this post here: On how to remove consecutive numbers in a row, when I apply its suggestions I do not get any results. I am new to VBN, can anyone help me with a...
  7. A

    IF Formula

    Hi, Is there a better way to achieve this formula...
  8. R

    Splitting a table

    Hello, I have a huge table (about 200.000 rows). Now I want to split this huge table into, say, four minor tables A, B, C, and D. How can I achieve that by using VBA Code? Thanks for your help. Saludos Ralf
  9. M

    Restrict cell to input of currency value or "Not Known

    Hi everyone, I have been rying to save this problem foir weks,but am still nableto achieve what I want. I have a column in which a value formatted to a monetary amount. However, if this is not available I want to limit the entry to "Not Known". I hav tried to nter data vlaidain to the...
  10. J

    Why does this formula take so long???

    =Countif($a$2:$a$150000,a2) So when copied down in B and pressing F9 takes litterally 10-15 mins to calculate.. I have used this before and it didnt take this long? any suggestions as to why? or an alternative to achieve the same result? thanks J
  11. B

    SUMIF Function

    Hello I have a data table (columns A and B) which I could summariseusing a pivot table but don't want to as I want to perform some further work onthe data in the data table itself. I can sum up the values for each person and can do that incolumn C using a simple SUMIF function but as you can...
  12. R

    Take second Vlookup if First one fails?

    Hi, Can anyone advise how to achieve a result for the following if the first vlookup fails: First Lookup: =VLOOKUP(C22,'RATES'!A13:DN686,35,FALSE) Second Lookup: =VLOOKU(D22,'RATES'!A13:DN686,35,FALSE) Thanks
  13. M

    Count IF

    I have the following formula that will return a value also when value are blank,I need to return a 0 if there is no value, how can I achieve this? =COUNTIFS(I14:I114,">="&C8,I14:I114,"<="&B8) Thanks
  14. D

    Conditional Formating

    Hi, I am looking to highlight two shifts on a work rota using conditional formatting but am really struggling. The shifts I am looking to highlight are 2pm to 10pm and 3pm to 11pm. How can I achieve this please? Thanks, Dean
  15. J

    Check list from above current cell and return blank if found

    Hi I have a list of numbers that sometimes repeat. I need to omit any value that already exists in the list from the cell above.. IE first number is column A second number is column B and where the formula is.. 10 = 10 11 = 11 11 = "" 12 = 12 13 = 13 14 = 14 14 = "" 14 = "" 15 = 15 Im trying...
  16. M

    Removing blank cells and shifting adjoining cells left

    Dear Demigods, Really getting frustrated with this! Every single search for the answer seems to return an answer for achieving them same but based on rows. There doesn't seem to be one post to achieve the same with empty cells in columns. So this is the post i am finding everywhere: Column A...
  17. T

    need suggestions

    I have a bunch of Managers (50+)with names in the wrong format, I need to get from: <tbody> Jones, Andy (L7F000915) to ABC1AJones (ABC1= site code) not sure the best way to achieve, open to ideas. Thank you! </tbody>
  18. B

    IF(A=A;Do Something;Do nothing (leave value as it is, so do not alter to null or space)

    A given table: <tbody> A B C D E F 1 H 1 2 H 3 H 4 H </tbody> Depending on a value I do want to change the values in col-1, 2, 3 or 4. Lets say: A1, A2, A3 & A4 contains the formula: IF($F$1=1;"H";"") B1, B2, B3 & B4 contains the formula: IF($F$1=2;"R";"") By...
  19. D

    Trying to group 4 columns by percentage. Running out of memory!

    I'm hoping there is a much easier way of doing what I am doing. Firstly, this dummy document should illustrate things. We have our raw data (i've made the data by using another larger sheet and have about 7 queries in excel just to make it look like the first tab in the linked sheet). I then...
  20. S

    If cell is minus one of multiple numbers

    Basically, I have a cell that equals a date(A1) and another cell that is an earlier date(B1). I need to get "If(or(b1=a1-1, b1=a1-2,b1=a1-3,...b1=a1-84),Z,Y)". Is there a shorter way to achieve this?

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