1. T

    VBA and Acrobat add-in to create new PDF with bookmarks

    My question is hopefully rather simple, but I'm relatively new to VBA and I know nothing about Acrobat API. After spending the better part of the past two days scouring the web for an answer, I've only found long-outdated results (like like this post from 2016 based on this blog from 2009 and...
  2. T

    VBA Export to PDF with Adobe Acrobat API

    I am running a macro that executes numerous operations on a file, and I want it to automatically save and export to PDF at the end. It must use the Acrobat add-in, not Excel's built-in PDF conversion, because each sheet needs to be bookmarked in the output (and that's not possible with the...
  3. B

    Help, Adobe Acrobat DC combine VBA Code used to work but not anymore

    Hello all, I have a code that I have used for several months with no issues at all. However today I tried it and its not combining the pdf files whatsoever. I tried a few things but with no result. I even tried repairing the installation from inside Adobe Acrobat DC, also no help. Can anyone...
  4. J

    Sign a PDF from Excel VBA

    I have been searching for an answer in different forums without success, so I decided to open a post. Currently, I generate a PDF file from a range or a worksheet in Excel. What I need is to include a signature in the PDF file. This is the code that I gather from different sources to open the...
  5. R

    Combine mutliple file in one PDF through VBA

    Hi All, I want to combine multiple files into one PDF. I found one code which is working fine if my all files in PDF format. Here my concern is, I have PNG files as well and the code is not able to combine PNG file however if i am combining manually then it combines all the PDF and PNG files...
  6. A

    Opening embedded PDFs in Excel 2016

    I have embedded several PDFs into an Excel spreadsheet using the process detailed here: When I try to open them (either by double clicking or by selecting Adobe Acrobat Object -> Open) nothing happens. I'm using MS Excel 2016, and Acrobat Reader DC.
  7. S

    Cannot insert content of PDF in document

    Hi All, This is actually a problem that is effecting not just Excel but all office. I am trying to embed the content of a PDF into the workbook - I totally understand that I will only get the first page of the document, thats all I want as the PDF is always one page in length. I am using...
  8. K

    excel to PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 not working

    Hi Guys, I have a slight problem. I used to be able to have excel export to PDF (file name from a cell), this is no longer working since I have updated my Adobe Acrobat to Pro 2017. the PDF is printing but not saving to the file anymore. Can someone help me? my code below: Private Sub...
  9. M

    Determine which version of a program exists on the current system (acrobat pro)

    I have a macro obtained from this forum (THANK YOU!) which allows me to print a list of pdfs. However, in order for this to work, I have to hard code the filepath (and hence version) of adobe acrobat being used on my system. How do I build into the macro a routine which will search a given...
  10. A

    Creating Individual PDFs of Multiple Files with Bookmarks

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2010 and have Acrobat XI Standard. I have about 50 Excel files that I want to turn into 50 individual PDF files. Each Excel file has many sheets, and I want each PDF file to contain all the sheets and have a bookmark for each sheet. The bookmark should be the same as the...
  11. A

    VBA Code for Retrieving PDF Data with Adobe Acrobat Reader

    The code below is a part of a process. The process requires two actions from the User,Action 1 & Action 3. All of the actions in Action 2 occur automatically. All of the steps in Action 3 also occur automatically with the exception of the CommandButton. that: Action 1) Allows a User to...
  12. A

    Macro to print PDF

    Hello! I have a code that allows me to open a pdf file from Excel: Sub RunPDFWithExe() Shell "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe S:\Benefits\Leave of Absence\LOA Forms\Alisha\FMLA Alisha\LOA Packet.pdf", vbNormalFocus End Sub What can I add to this code that will have it...
  13. W

    excel not printing correctly to pdf

    I have a problem, that appears to be excel related rather than adobe pdf related. I have an excel spreadsheet that I have used for about 1.5 years and last used it about three weeks ago. It is legal paper size (8.5 x 14) and when I print it to a printer, it prints fine. When I print it to pdf...

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