activate workbook

  1. H

    Need VBA code for open workbook - If already open, then activate

    Hi all, I am completely new here. I have looked over the forum and I have found posts, that related to what I am looking for assistance with. However I cannot get the solutions to work for me. Question: I have the below VBA code and it works a charm - It could probably be simpler, but it works...
  2. T

    Need help! - Shortcut key to bring up workbook

    Hi, I have workbook that I would like to bring to the foreground and activate when I press an assigned shortcut key (even if the workbook isn't active - .i.e minimized or hidden behind other windows) My goal is for the user to be able to bring the Excel workbook up with the shortcut key even if...
  3. T

    View & Activate Workbook with Shortcut Key

    Hi, I have workbook that I would like to bring to the foreground and activate when I press an assigned shortcut key (even if the workbook isn't active). The idea is that the workbook could be minimized, hidden behind other windows, or visible, and when the shortcut key is pressed, it will...
  4. P

    Refocus to Excel after opening a powerpoint

    I am making a macro that will export data from an excel sheet to a powerpoint presentation to skip repetitive copy and pasting. Some of the data I'm grabbing is of variable size. I want to use the input box to allow the user to select the needed ranges. However, upon opening the powerpoint...
  5. K

    Getting "Subscript out of Range" error while trying to open an random workbook which is already open

    Hello All, I am new VBA and Macros. I am trying to open a workbook and if it is already open just activating that workbook. But I am getting "Subscript out of Range" error again. Below is the snippet of my code. Sub Activating() Dim DestFile As String Dim wb As Workbook DestFile =...
  6. K

    VBA to call a sheet and copy userform values

    Hi all... Ever get burnt out? The more code you write, the further you are from your objective? I knew you'd understand. Here's the fast summary of this userform action: Check to see if a workbook exists - fileName:="C:\Users\admin\desktop\KELLY'S CRAP\cambridge\Autosaves\Event " &...
  7. V

    Activating Open Workbook and Sheet using multiple Wildcards

    Hello all. Complete somewhat self-taught newbie here (so sorry in advance). I have a macro that gives the user an option to copy data from EITHER a workbook (already) run once in the morning titled "YY-MM-DD BBC_Dispatch1.xlsx" opened from a folder, -OR- copy the report from a just-run workbook...
  8. E

    Open and Switch does not work

    I have VBA in an Excel workbook which opens another Workbook. It opens the new Workbook, but when I Activate the Original Workbook it doesn't switch. Strangest thing is, that when I do a code step by step, it does switch. Why is this? Sub Switch_Script() Application.Workbooks.Open...
  9. M

    Activate Excel Workbook Over PPT

    Hi Everyone, I am using MS 2010 and i have a question about activate the excel workbook over powerpoint? I opened and closed a ppt file but a blank ppt screen still on. I cannot activate the excel over ppt. I have to show the frm1 on screen because it has confirmation message. Could you...
  10. G

    Macro to Activate Workbook

    Hello I have a requirement to to activate a workbook, with certain words in the name of that workbook. It may be simple for you all excel gurus out there, but I have been straining my brain since morning on this. I will explain a bit in detail. I have a template from which value in few cells...
  11. F

    Activate Workbook on Mac Excel 2011

    I have a code that runs well in Windows XL2013, but is stalling on Mac when trying to activate another open workbook. Specifically the line in question at which the code stalls is: Workbooks("FGL Master Workbook II").Worksheets("Manifest").Activate I realize Mac Excel users are far and few...
  12. P

    Error when switching between workbooks

    Hi, I need to transfer data from a workbook named R2D2 to one named Matrix. It runs after a change event (date data inputted into cell C1). The code looks like this: Dim R2D2data As String Dim Matrix As String R2D2data = "C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Excel Projects\R2D2.xlsx" Matrix = "Matrix...
  13. M

    Excel 2013, Thisworkbook.Activate does not ‘stick’ when Application.ScreenUpdating has been set to False

    Relates to Excel 2013 only- problem not found in pervious versions of Excel. ' Windows 8.1 V 6.3.9600 Build 9600 ' Excel 2013 (15.0.4551.1510) MSO(15.0.4551.1508)32-bit The simplest way for me to start explaining the problem I am having is the following four line procedure Test(). Sub...
  14. Z

    VBA run-time error 9: subscript out of range

    Hello, I have been looking on internet for a solution to this common error message, but have not found it. I open a file, and in the code activate that file before closing it. I give you the code below with the line where I get the error message. Select Case nStage...
  15. R

    Activeworkbook.worksheets error: object doesn't supoprt this method

    Hello,I am working in excel/access 2003. I have a macro running out of access in which I create an excel workbook (a copy of an existing template) and try to paste the results of several access queries into this workbook. I first try to check if a copy already exists or not. If it does I delete...
  16. C

    Macro Save Workbook Name for (Re)Activate

    I am trying to run a macro from workbook A that opens workbook B (containing appointments), copies required data and paste it into workbook A. The challenge I have is that workbook A is renamed each week as 05/18/2009.xls....05/25/2009.xls. (etc.) so if I hard code the re-activate workbook A...
  17. S

    Selecting vs Activating - VERY newbie

    Hi all, could someone please explain the differences between Selecting a sheet/wb and Activating a sheet/wb? when do you use each one, etc.? Thanks
  18. F

    Activate workbook

    What is the correct syntax to activate an open workbook? This is the scenario: I am send a file I obtain the file name with: Dim vFileNames As Variant vFileNames = Application.GetOpenFilename While this file is open, I open another file (a static file that will always have the same...
  19. F

    Returning to current workbook regardless of name

    Hi there I'm writing a macro which opens and operates in a separate workbook (FileB) to that which it is stored in (FileA). The problem is that I need it to bring data back from FileB to File A, but the name of File A is not constant and so I can't simply instruct it to activate the workbook...

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