1. J

    Show information Issue

    Hi Guys, I hope I can explain myself clearly . I have a user form, what I want to do is: Type a name, (let's think that I have 3 people call Jessica but with different last names), when I click in search, I want to be able to see displayed the 3 names Jessica inside the list box The sheet name...
  2. J

    VBA Copy and Paste Code with filename

    Hey All! I have my trusty old glorified copy and paste code but I am looking to link the line that has my Workbook name to a cell in one of my sheets. Can't seem to figure it out. Sub GrabIndEquity() 'Update Data Workbooks.Open Filename:= _ "T:\FILE1\FILE2\FILE3\FILE4\FILE5\DATABASE...
  3. K

    Activate QuickBooks from Excel VBA

    I have a VBA code that I run on a spreadsheet at the end of which, I'd like it to activate the already-open QuickBooks program. I'm trying to shave off as much time as possible in my tasks. How can I do this? UNNECESSARY EXPLANATION: While the code is running, I activate QB and create a new...
  4. A

    Problem with .References.AddFromFile

    Hi members I have a trouble when I add references from file path using vbProj.References.AddFromFile "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ieframe.dll" and vbProj.References.AddFromFile "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\mshtml.tlb" I receive a message "No se puede entrar en tiempo de interrupción en este momento" Also...
  5. albertc30

    activate sheet not always calling for form...

    Hi all. The code bellow seems to be working randomly. Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Sheets("customers").Unprotect Password:="******" 'UnProtects the customers sheet. Columns("A:R").Select ActiveWindow.Zoom = True Range("F14").Select...
  6. M

    Activate a sheet without using "Activate"

    I have read that it is best not to use .Activate whenever possible. But I can't figure out how to do something without it. In my workbook, one thing it will do is copy sheets into a new workbook. Once it copies the sheets, I want the code to select the first workbook in the sheet, so that...
  7. B

    Connect SQL Database to Forn Activation

    Hi, I'm new Userform and when the form activate a dropdown list must be populate. I can't get my project to connect to the SQL database. With all my searches I found these code but I have no idea where to place these code. I have tried to place them in Userform activate but I get an error...
  8. S

    How to avoid using SELECT and ACTIVATE?

    i have written this piece of code below, but a friend suggested i avoid using activate and select. i tried re-writing by using WITH but it is not working. what can you guys suggest? thanks. wb2.Activate ws1.Activate rngA.Select Range(rngA, ActiveCell.End(xlDown)).Select...
  9. K

    Activate New worksheet based on cell text

    Hey Guys, I've figured out how to create a bunch of sheets based on some source cells. Now I'm trying to copy the data in the column from each source cell to the page that was created. This is what I've got so far. Sub AddWorksheetsFromSelection() Dim CurSheet As Worksheet Dim Source...
  10. O

    Activate A Sheet Based on a Cell in a Current Worksheet

    Thanks in advance for your help and I will let you know what it took to make it work. I would like to activate a sheet based on the contents of a cell. For example within Sheet "Simulation". Cell C3 contains "Evaluate1", I would like to activate that sheet. I tried the following, but I get a...
  11. D

    Find active workbooks name containing strings and activate

    Hi all, I found I have no other way of doing this than to have a code in third workbook manipulating 2 other workbooks. This is where I'm stuck, little help would be appriciated I need the code to find active workbook containing "name1" as part of its name, then activate it, run some code, then...
  12. H

    Activate 1st Excel file

    Hi, I can see 2nd line below is for another Excel file. How to activate 1st Excel file below (by 1st line)? Workbooks.Open Filename:=fl fn = ThisWorkbook.Name
  13. M

    VBScript - Activating an Excel Window Already Opened?

    I am trying to write a VBScript (.vbs file) that will allow me to activate the current Excel window opened which is just the default "Book1" window after clicking "Blank Workbook" after opening Excel 2016 running on my Windows 10 PC, and activate that Window by bringing it on top (like as if I...
  14. R

    Create and Activate New Worksheet

    Hello, I have a userform that creates and names a new worksheet when I click the Save button. Once the save button is entered I need another userform to activate (UserForm2) AND make the newly created worksheet activate so that the info on UserForm2 is transcribed to the new worksheet...
  15. P

    Activate a file which using input box

    Hi all, i would like to "Activate" a file which is open but using an input box by VBA. An example of command is below but therefore that the file (e.g. "PAYROLL.xlsx") should activate by input box. Windows("PAYROLL.xlsx").Activate Thanking you in advance
  16. F

    Access a shortcut (or program) and then send date range to it

    Is it possible to activate a shortcut on a desktop/start menu/folder and activate it? Then would it be possible to input data into this? Finally extracting the data (.csv save as) to a set location? It's in relation to COGNOS Impromptu so I can auto run reports using excel to open, pass the...
  17. P

    Activate a file using "Input Box"

    Hi all, I would like to write a VBA code so that to open and activate a file, which I will choose using an input box: e.g. Salaries 1-2018.xlsx The path of this is: ‘C:\Users\User\Payroll\Salaries 1-2018.xlsx” In input box I have to enter the file name, e.g. Salaries 1-2018 or...
  18. L

    alt+= to activate subtotal function

    Hi I was reading the article below and the author said using Alt+= to activate the subtotal function? Why subtotal function has short key? do other functions have short cut keys? thank you.
  19. P

    Check Mark

    Hi Again. This post is still about the check mark problem that I started. That post has now been solved. What I want to know now is the following: The Event Procedure check mark will also activate if you move through the cell with the check mark. Apparently moving the mouse through the cell...
  20. A

    Macro to activate macros on other sheets

    I have an excel model that is used for real estate acquisitions. 8 of the 13 sheets contain a simple macro (activated by two separate buttons) to hide or reveal blank cells. I would like to create a macro on the Summary sheet to activate the "Hide" button on each of the 8 sheets. Is there a...

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