active x control

  1. R

    Ensuring size of active x list boxes

    I have the following code and it works if the only thing i list is the font size. When i add the height and width i get an error. Run- time error '438': Objest doesnt support this property method. is there anything i can do to get my active x list boxes to stop resizing? I sent the integral...
  2. N

    Date Box For Date Selection and Data of Table 2 required in Chart

    Hi, i am working on active x control and chart but i need true guide lines. i) In spread sheet i need to a Date list Box (Active x control) for date selection like 12-Mar-2018. ii) In Second thing i need to select in chart (Bar Chart) From Table 1 and Table 2. Illustrations: <TBODY> Table...
  3. R

    Active X Control On Excel Sheet Glitch

    Hi All, I did some reading online about this and can't seem to find a direct clear answer. I have CheckBoxes and Command Buttons (Active X Control) on multiple excel sheets. I noticed that when a user who has a different screen size/resolution than me clicks on those buttons, the buttons...
  4. gallen

    Active X command buttons moving and resizing.

    I did a presentation yesterday demonstrating a spreadsheet I have designed. It works perfectly on my widescreen monitor. Unfortunately, the presentation had to be done on a projector and the best aspect ratio was 4:3 not 16:9. At first this didn't pose much of an issue as I have code to...
  5. Y

    Quote project - Excel 2010

    Good day all, </SPAN> </SPAN> At the moment I am working on a project to create quotations. </SPAN></SPAN> I have one “Fill in” file, which will be used by several people. This file consists of Cells which have to be filled in, drop down functions and Active X Controls (drop down functions)...
  6. M

    Active X listbox Multi-Select

    Hi, I'm an absolute VBA novice and am stuck with some code that I've been give to output multi listbox selections into a single cell. I've searched for an age to find an explanation I can understand but failed miserably - please help me retain my sanity :banghead: Everything works well until...
  7. A

    File size problam Active X Control inserting Image

    Dear All, I have made a template In which i have Inserted Image(Active X Control) and put a code in duble click event to select "Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(Application.GetOpenFilename) " Its working fine but problam is file size become somuch bigger then normal even image size in kb, I can't...
  8. A

    Hide/Unhide control all sheets.

    This code is perfect but I would like it to perform on all sheets, rather than just the active. Sub Shapes2() 'Loop through the Shapes collection and use the Type number of the control Dim myshape As Shape For Each myshape In ActiveSheet.Shapes ' ActiveX control (control...
  9. T

    Simple filter using VBA/ Active X Control

    Hello. I'd like to use VBA code to filter a data set. This is probably a simple question for most, but I'm a VBA newbie. I want to use an Active X Control to change the value of cell C2 to 1. If cell C2 is equal to 1, I want my code to filter for 'does not equal' 0. I can set up the...

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