1. 2

    =INDIRECT to return intersection of ActiveCell row and specific Column

    On Worksheet_SelectionChange in L1 I have VBA populate ActiveCell.Address Range("L1").Value = ActiveCell.Address Trying to figure out a formula, by using value in L1, to return intersection of ActiveCell Row and specific Column. I believe =INDIRECT formula might be a way to get it done...
  2. F

    Selecting pictures within highlighted cells

    Hi, I’m trying to delete a picture within a certain number of highlighted cells. I’m trying to do this in VBA and every suggested code I’ve tried doesn’t work or requires specific cells to be selected however I’m highlighting the cells via ActiveCell.Offset codes. The sort of thing I’m after...
  3. N

    Quick manipulation help

    Sheet1, cell B2 is currently blank. I want it to auto fill with whatever is selected on Sheet2 in column A. So cell B2 is something like = active cell sheet 2 kind of formula? I'm assuming this will need to be a macro/VBA code to make it work? Also, if this matters, I have all of Sheet2 from...
  4. M

    Sum with Indirect

    Good morning! I would like to modify this formula in a macro so that it always looks at a specific column reference (column K) ActiveCell = "=SUM('Review Tab'!K:K)" I've changed it to this: ActiveCell = "=SUM(INDIRECT(" 'Review Tab'!K:K"))" However, VBA now thinks that everything after...
  5. D

    vba to copy one cell value to another cell value

    Hi, I have this value (95551092 - ) in the activecell and I would like to add whatever value is in cell A50. I do have the following code which adds the value but it deletes the spaces and then moves the hyphen in front of the numbers. Sub test() Dim d As Double d = ActiveCell.Value...
  6. B

    how to use offset range and or resize

    I have a sheet that represents a score card for a sporting event. Row 3 contains the dates of the game, row 4 contains the day of the week and row 5 contains a ‘points’ heading. The remaining rows contain the scores of the games and the team name For example. Row 3 contains 01/01/19...
  7. J

    Trying to Avoid Select, Selection, ActiveCell

    Hello: I'm trying to avoid using the Select method, so I'm trying ActiveCell. But I've heard I should try to avoid using ActiveCell as well. :confused: Any ideas on firming up this code? Here's what I have: Using Select Range(Selection.End(xlToRight), Selection.Offset(0, 7)).Select...
  8. I

    Select Rows With Value

    Hello to everyone I have this situation In Range(A1:A6) i put some values. My activecell is A7. I want to know which is vba code to select Cells from the top rows of activecell(including activecell) until i find a blank row. As result Range(A3:A7) will be selected. Thank's a lot <tbody>...
  9. P

    Difference between If, Then ActiveCell vs If, Or, Then ActiveCell

    Hello, Beginner at VBA here. Was wondering if someone could simply explain to me what the differnece is between: If ActiveCell = " " Then ActiveCell = 0 Else ActiveCell.Offset(1,0).Select V.S. If ActiveCell = '' Or ActiveCell = " " Then ActiveCell = 0 Else ActiveCell.Offset(1,0).Select...
  10. B

    copy activecell value to next cell to the right

    This code copies the value of combobox1 and puts it in the active cell when the command button is clicked. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim str As String str = ComboBox1.Value ActiveCell.Value = str End Sub If I have checkbox1 checked on the userform containing this code, I want the...
  11. T

    Duplicating the ActiveCell

    I want to duplicate the active cell to specific cells on a calendar and everything seems to be right but my code as is does absolutely nothing. I added in a msgbox just to make sure that it is picking up the value of the active cell and it is however it cant seem to print it in the other cells...
  12. CatLadee

    VBA Will Not Accept Vlookup Formula that Works in Sheet

    Any ideas why this formula won't work in VBA but will in the worksheet? The responses tab exists. How should it be updated? THANK YOU! ActiveCell = "=IF(VLOOKUP(E2,Responses!E:R,8,FALSE)=0,"",(VLOOKUP(E2,Responses!E:R,6,FALSE)))" Range("J2").Select
  13. R

    Sum in VBA not defined correctly

    Hi All I have tried the following code which does not complile and would be glad of some guidance. ActiveCell = Application.WorksheetFunction = Sum(Range("F" & N + 2, "F" & R)) Thanks Rob
  14. B

    Using Cells property to represent the active range

    I have the following VBA Code Snippet and I've trying to learn how to use the Cells object. How would I replace the Activecell object with the Cells object in the Do Loop? In this instance, the Active cell would be Cells(2,2). What confuses me is how to replace the activecell object with...
  15. C

    displaying activecell comments in the same userform textbox or Listbox, updated as the activecell changes...

    ...Is there any way to do this other than creating many separate Sheet locations to store unique comments? Each time the user returns or moves to ANY cell with pre-entered comments, the Userform listbox or textbox would reflect those Comments for that particular cell, displayed in a list ? The...
  16. O

    select non-adjacent cells using vba

    Hey, The following code from one of the recent posts perform the task of selecting the cells starting from column A up until actively selected column. These will select all cells in between. However I would like it to select column A and active column only, hence leaving the adjacent cells in...
  17. L


    Hi I copied the code below from a website and it works fine and I got an idea what it does. But I tried to understand what "ActiveCell" returns. So I did the following in the immediate window ?ActiveCell and I got the "Hi" which is the content of the cell A1 that is selected? if that is the...
  18. J

    Transfer Data to Specific Rows on another spreadsheet From User Form Inputs

    Hi, there, I'm still quite new in this and struggling with a macro for staff data input. I have an input box on the first page and I want to save the first few inputs on the first page and next few on second page, but to match the record for the same person. I hope I was clear. Can you give a...
  19. F

    Macro - return to original cell

    Hi all, Happy Holidays and thank you in advance for you help. I have a macro I use to identify a unique count for patient names. The goal of this macro is to apply a number to each unique name/dob combination. I have another macro I use to choose a randomized list of numbers within the range of...
  20. D

    Macro to group rows after end of data, down to row 858

    Hi Can anyone help with the following code, I am trying to get the macro to group the rows from the end of a list of data in column A (the end will be different each time the macro is ran), down to row 858, which will stay the same each time. What do I replace A135 with to make the macro...

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