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  1. F

    Link and update a defined name to an activex textbox

    Hi, I have an activex textbox in sheet1 which should display a text from a linked cell in sheet2, although the text doesn't update as it should. The text should change depending on which value the user types in. The reference is created with a defined name from sheet2, the Offset and the...
  2. F

    ActiveX Text Box not updating

    Hi, I have grouped an ActiveX text box with Excel's box and whiskers chart. I want the text box to update as the data table is filtered. First, I used the Linked Cell -function but it doesn't update the text box when I run my macro. It sorta "reacts" slowly, in a sense that the value of text box...
  3. J

    Text for ActiveX Textbox formatting issues

    I am trying to create a form for users to input various pieces of information needed for testing. I have added drop down menus and text boxes to a sheet and that will be sent out for users to fill out. My issue is that in a few of the text boxes, I need the user to enter in dates, but when the...
  4. M

    Copy Activex textbox contents to cell in another sheet

    Hi all, I'm sure this is easy enough but I just don't know how. I have an Activex textbox on sheet1 (named CRF), I want to copy the contents to a cell on sheet 4 (named D.Scheme). The textbox on sheet "CRF" is named "txtComments" and the cell on sheet "D.Scheme" is named "CommentsCell". I had...
  5. T

    looping through activex textbox to change value

    Hi All, I know this topic has been posted many times before but even after extensive searching, I still can't something that works for me. I want to change the value of multiple activex textboxs. The data is stored in an array variable. For i = 1 To 12 textnum(i) =...
  6. T

    ActiveX Text Box with scrollbar

    I have an ActiveX textbox with a vertical scrollbar. In an attempt to prevent editing, I did two things: the locked property is set to true, and the data is linked to a locked cell. The issue that I have run into is that (while the sheet is locked) I can edit one character at a time. Every time...
  7. N

    How to Apply a Value to a Text Box (ActiveX Control)

    Hello, I have several Text Boxes (ActiveX Control) on my worksheet. On a separate worksheet (same workbook) I have a single column of cells that have number values that change. I don't think it's relevant to explain how or why they change, but it's because of a VBA macro where a user selects...
  8. N

    Pasting text in an ActiveX Textbox

    I am working on a spreadsheet that asks the user to input a description into an ActiveX textbox. The textbox is mirrored on another sheet. Below is the code. The problem I have is the ActiveX TextBox1 will not allow the user to paste text into the box. Is there a property setting I can use...
  9. A

    ActiveX TextBox Question.

    <o:p>Hello, If I had for example on Sheet 1 a textbox and some labels like "ID-Name-date-Phone" and on Sheet 2 is all the employees Information based on the same labels as in Sheet 1 What I want to do is, when someone types the employee ID in the textbox on sheet 1 and presses enter, It would...
  10. T

    type a value into an activex textbox into a cell in another worksheet

    I have several textboxe that is not on a userform; they reside on worksheet A. I want to format this textbox so that it only accepts numberical values (like 500, dollar sign and no cents needed). After typing in the 500,000 lets say for this example, I want to paste onto a cell in...
  11. pedie

    Macro question. help me make the enter key triger macro

    is there i way I can make the enter key triger the macro after i write/paste the name on the activex textbox1. Thank you.
  12. pedie

    ActiveX Textbox question..please please'll make my work realy easy.

    I have a text box in excel. I use this to enter a name and click on Ok on other command button... My question is that i want the enter key to triger my macro when i hit the enter key after i paste the named in the text box. ANy help will be greatly appriciated. Thanks alot in advance!

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