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    Excel Add-in but it won't display under the Add-in tabs

    I created an Excel Add-in but it won't display under the Add-in tabs. I tried with Excel 2013 and Excel 2016. The add-in is saved in the Microsoft folder for addins (AppData>Roaming, etc.)Things I've tried....Excel Options > Add-ins > Excel Add-Ins > Go .... Select it.Excel Options > Add-ins >...
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    Weird Menu Behaviour in 2013 - apparently?

    Can someone please advise me what I need to change to overcome what appears to be some weird behaviour with custom menus in 2013? The situation is as follows. I have an application comprising two "control" workbooks, an Add-in, and then many other workbooks. The user opens the first control...
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    Custom controls not showing in Add-ins ribbon tab and XML error

    Hello.. This is my first time posting a question so I'm sorry if I don't follow protocol exactly. I'll try. We are using Windows7 with Excel 2007. We have old code from excel 2003 and earlier that was adding a msoControlPopup with other sub-controls using the code below: Set HelpMenu =...
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    Modify custom add-in toolbar

    Hi, I've had the pleasure of maintaining a custom add-in toolbar for Excel. I'm quite familiar with VBA and Excel in general, but in this case I'm close to being lost. In the VBA code of the add-in I can see all code (subs) associated with the toolbar/ribbon controls, but I cannot see the...
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    Incorrect Function when Macro run from Add-Ins Ribbon

    Hi I have a Macro to save a spreadsheet by a variable name as an xlsm file. The macro works fine if run via the VBA editor and if a button on the spreadsheet is linked to the macro. However I have several macro buttons that are on the Add-Ins tab. When this macro is run from the Add-Ins tab, it...

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