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    Add 30 mins to a time going bonkers

    Ok, so hopefully the table below explains the issue - the 38.00 in column Q is the problem. The issue seems to occur if I have a none on the hour start time with and try to add 30 minutes: (HOUR(P2+TIME(0,30,0))+MINUTE(P2+TIME(0,30,0))) <tbody> L Start M Finish N (Deduct 30' Lunch) O...
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    Adding 7 Hours to a Time Stamp using VBA

    There's a formula I found that describes what I want to do: If I want to Time Stamp a Cell this is the formula I use: ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = Time Works great ! But If I want to Add 7 Hours to this time stamp why won't this work? ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = Time + Time(7, 0, 0) What will work...
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    Calculating time of shifts including past midnight shifts.

    Not quite as simple as the title says. I'm trying to get the timesheet to add up the hours worked. There are several on off's throughout the day / night shifts, each time entry comprises of an hours cell and a minutes cell. <tbody> Hrs Min Hrs Min Hrs Min Hrs Min Hrs Min Hrs Min Hrs Min Hrs...
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    Calculating total time

    Hi, I have two columns like this way. <tbody> a 102 a 135 a 157 b 189 b 201 a 222 a 245 b 290 </tbody> Here the values are in seconds. I want to write a formula, which show the total duration of seconds of a and b. For example: here total duration of a is = (157-102) +...
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    Adding very large amounts of time together.

    My program has been running for a while until I ran into a very large time from the data it is importing. I though some of the times were large but this one is in a new ball park. "10016:30:32" I admit that is sloppy to declair a varable as varent but I am not sure how to deal with time. This...
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    Adding time if a cell falls between a certain time interval

    I know the formula for adding time which is: +TIME (hours, minutes, seconds). I need to know the formula/code to add TIME to a cell if the cell passes through a fixed time. For example: If cell A1 is 9:00AM and cell A2 is 5:00PM, how do I add 15 minutes to 5:00 to make it 5:15PM without...
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    Adding 10 min to a stored time

    This is a little more frustrating than i thought it would be. What i'm trying to do is just add an arbitrary 10 min to an already existing time. The scenario: Scheduling A student is partaking in various activities throught the day They can do multiple events in one day but a 10 min must be...
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    Formatting for hours and minutes, etc.

    Hi there, I am data dumping from our timekeeping system into Excel 2003. I have associates who worked 41 hours and 55 minutes (41.55) and some that worked 22 hours and 10 minutes (22.10). Question 1: How do I format so Excel reads this as 41:55 and 22:10, respectively (NOT in minutes and...

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