1. D

    Adding a Minus Sign with a macros

    I need to add a minus sign in front of a number in cell G8 and one in H8. Thank you for your time
  2. B

    Adding spaces in IF formula

    I am needing to add a few spaces between E3 and J3. Could someone help me modify the formula below. =IF(E3="","",IF(C$3<>"",C$3&"","")&F3&" Rev "&E3)&J3 Thanks for the help
  3. C

    Keeping Adding 3 to a Sum

    I'm trying to figure out how to add 1 + 3 and then keep adding three to the sum? I am curious how to make that work, I've tried all kinds of formulas and now I just want to know to know. 1+3 = 4 then 4+3 = 7 I want to keep it running..
  4. R

    Macro for Message Pop-up

    Hi, Can you please help me with a macro that pops up one message when we go into a sheet and another when we move out of that sheet or close the workbook? In case this is too hard, I can use just the one message. I also need help adding this macro to some more that already exist in the sheets...
  5. L

    adding 1 to a time (cross mid night)

    Hi I was watching a video on how to subtract 1:00 am from 11:00 pm (cross midnight). So the author added 1 to the am time and then subtract it from 11:00 pm. Before adding 1 to 1:00 am, if I click on that cell I see in the formula bar 1:00:00 AM when I add 1, see 01/01/1900 1:00:00 AM...
  6. L

    adding time issue

    Hi I am trying to add time but it does not work. Please see the excel file in the link. in cell P = SUM(C15:O15) But it is giving me 0 I tried to format to [h]:mm but did not help. Not sure what else I could have done. I also multiple the SUM(C15:O15) * 24 but still 0:00:00 shown?! I am...
  7. T

    Sequentially adding text to next line in textbox in userform

    I am needing to have a TEXTBOX be updated from a button that takes some info from my Combobox's and puts them into the TEXTBox 1 line at a time. But I will need to keep adding to this until i am ready to complete the data to send and then clear it out. I have tried using: TextBox1.value =...
  8. W

    Basic Formula to Button

    Hi All, I have a formula that returns the last text cell which is =INDEX($F$6:$F$13,MATCH(REPT("z",255),$F$6:$F$13)) and it works well. How do I go about adding that same formula to a form control button? do I use ActiveCell.Formula?? along with my...
  9. Q

    Nested IF?

    I have a series of prices as; D4 = Item A, D5 = Item B D6 = Item C I have a IF statement in J15 which reads =IF(H15="YES",$D$4+D$6$,0) so adding Item A + Item C In I15, if this contains a "Yes", I want the above statement in J15 to add together all three items (so D4+D5+D6) What is the best...
  10. P

    Copying a worksheet from a workbook into another workbook

    I found this Excel code on the internet. It works fine. However there is a problem with the code. When I run the code a second time, I get a message that says I cannot save this workbook with the same name. Is there a code that I can use that can override the Workbook named Marios sales...
  11. B

    Adding vba macro to outlook on runtime

    Hi, I have found some code that allows the user to add a macro to an excel workbook at runtime. Is this possible to do for an outlook object? This method works for dynamically adding a macro to an excel object but I cannot find an equivalent for outlook. <code class="" style="box-sizing...
  12. masud8956

    Adding st, nd, rd, th to ranked values

    Hi everyone! I am using the following formula to rank 20 rows of entries at S5:S24. =IF(ISNUMBER(R5),1+COUNTIF($R$5:$R$24,">"&R5),"") What modification do I need to get the texts st, nd, rd, th as ordinal suffix? Regards
  13. J

    flash fill vba for excel 2010

    I am currently using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 201. Flash fill came along in 2013. Is ther a vba to do the things that flash fill does (both adding pattin and splitting out without concatenate and text to columns)? Thanks.
  14. L

    adding $ before a number vs selecting currency/accounting format

    Hi Is there any difference/problem if I add $ before a number manually, I mean I type $ then the number after vs selecting Number formatting-->currency or Accounting? Thank you.
  15. H

    Adding data validation to existing table - not replcating on adding new row

    I am having problems adding data validation to an existing transaction table (some 200+ rows), as the custom formula validation does not get replicated when a new line is added. In this case it is to give a warning if the transaction date is not +/-30 days from the current date...
  16. E

    Adding 7 address fields to one row

    I have a list with single rows, each having name and other details but need to add / link up to 7 addresses for each person. I'm wondering what would be the best way to organize this without hopefully going into new linked excel files for each entry. Any ideas?
  17. jmacleary

    Watermark problems in excel 2007

    Hello folks. I have a problem with adding a watermark. I have followed the instructions given by a number of people on the web (including microsoft) and on this forum and added my jpeg into the header of my worksheet. In print preview, it looks perfect, but when I print, the watermark obscures...
  18. B

    Adding to or adjusting a formula

    Hi All, Need some help please, I have the following formula thatworks as it should so no problem there however I’m trying to amend it or add a secondformula to the front of it so that the formula returns a value of zero based onspecific text in the cell C2 (house). The working formula as it is...
  19. T

    Auto saving date

    In my spreadsheet in E1 is yesterday date in this style 31/07/2019 is there a way of adding to my macro a way to save as T/P5 August 2019/31.07.2019 Contact Finance
  20. E

    Add conditional with find and replace

    I created several formulas with slightly different cell references and realized I needed to add an additional conditional at the beginning of the formula. I wanted to do a find a nd replace, but adding the additional conditional at the beginning requires adding a close parentheses at the end...

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