1. R

    Opening a Workbook from a File Dialog Box

    I would have thought that this should be fairly straight forward but I'm running into issues on opening additional workbooks from a userform. So yes, I have a userform with a button that when clicked opens up a number of additional workbooks. Is this a problem with the string sent to...
  2. A

    VBA code for Text Diff between two columns?

    Hi friends, I need big help on the following. I have two columns with texts. Column A has the old text and Column B has the new text. I need to match these two and show in a 3rd column the additional characters (highlighted in red color) in B column compared to A column text. Further in D...
  3. M

    Protected workbook - Lock More Cells

    Hi, I have a workbook which has a number of projected cells by default. I want to create a VBA that will enable me to press a button that locks certain additional cels, is this possible? Thanks, Matt
  4. D

    Pivot Table Headache 2 -popping sheets

    Here is my Pivot table Part 2 issue. multi sheets will appeared when clicks are done on the Pivot Overview sheet values. Ques: is there any method or ways to "control or deal with" such additional sheets from appearing ? Or we just have to manually deleted any sheets thats pop up after...
  5. T

    Unhiding a Group of Rows Using If/Then Statements

    I am attempting to create a form in Excel for our sales to to request quotes to our office. I currently have a list of products in a drop down and each of those items require additional cells to be completed. Is it possible to create an if/then from a drop down that would unhide the additional...
  6. O

    Export Excel CSV to MS word with specific table format

    Im a bit out of my comfort zone with excel so was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction of how this could be accomplished? We have a CSV file that contains multiple columns, some rows however have additional columns that need to be inside that specific row ONLY and not...
  7. M

    How to pull data based on 74 specific criteria

    I am not sure if this is possible in Access or Excel for that matter... In my data I have a field Client PO. I am working on a project where I need to pull all line items associated with about 74 different PO #. There will potentially be additional lines of data added with these PO's. So I...
  8. A

    Really need some formula help please .....

    Hi folks. I’m having a major meltdown and need to get this sorted for work. Have asked around the office and our IT dept but they say they don’t have time to work this out ( read it’s too difficult!! ) I am conducting a survey at work and the answer to the questions is either a “yes” or “no”...
  9. C

    Changing KM to MPH

    I could really use some help with this. Is there a way to change KM to MPH on this 2010 Excel spreadsheet adding 2 additional columns and some formula...Really stuck HELP
  10. B

    how to get Date Picker in userform

    Can somebody tell me how to get the calender control in the UserForm? I don't find it in my additional tools
  11. H

    ListView in Additional Controls - Not Found

    Hi Experts, I am unable to find the ListView control in Additional Control or in Toolbox of Userform. I surfed thru Google and tried a few steps still unable to find it. Please help me where did I go wrong or is their any other solution for this? In our office, we are using: MS Office 2016...
  12. S

    help with returning incremental values

    Hello, I need help with a spreadsheet that involves safety ratios of kids to adults based on grade ranges. So for instance, if a group of kids is between K and 1st , they need 2 adults for every 12 kids. If there were 24 of them, they would need 4 adults. I have a list of over a 1,000 groups...
  13. apgmin

    Loan mortgage table

    Can anyone please make a loan mortgage table for maximum 10 years @ 9.75% interest p.a. calculated monthly Actually there are a lot of templates for this. But I need the following features 1. there should be provision for extra loan repayment by the borrower in any month possible 2...
  14. S

    How to use object variables in .Formulas VBA

    Hi guys! Long time reader, first time poster :D I've created a quote calculator for our company and having trouble getting costs for a specific products summed up into one cell. I'm trying to write a formula in excel VBA to sum specific values from different worksheets. I have 2 different...
  15. J

    Dynamic Ranges/Array in Vlookup

    Hello, I have a range of sells as part of my Array lookup: A2:D6; However, I would like to make this array dynamic so if additional rows are created (and if possible, additional columns), the range updates automatically. Is this doable without VBA? TIA J
  16. J

    Conditional Formula, I think?

    Hello: I am trying to write a formula to calculate per diem based on the number of days that someone worked AND add an additional day if the person worked 5 or 6 days. Right now I have the following to just count the number of days they have worked: =COUNTIF(R14:X14,"<>0>) This returns the...
  17. G

    Multiple IF statements in a VLOOKUP.

    I am sure this will be very easy, but I am screwing something up in my text. I have this, which works, but I need to add an additional IF statement for <=0. I know this is probably very simple, so any help is appreciated. =IF(VLOOKUP(F1:F30, [Book2]Sheet1!$A$1:$H$2630,8,0)>=0, "YES", "NO")
  18. D

    Return the next and previous multiple of 1000.

    Hello all. I am looking for a way to find an integers (stored as a variable) nearest multiple of 1000's, both above and below. For example, if a variables value is 5012, I would like to have 5000 and 6000 returned as two additional variables. Any ideas?
  19. B

    Return value in text string between "\"

    I have had a troll through and cannot seam to find any answers to a resolution for thew below scenario. I have multiple text strings with "" in varying locations.Generally up to 1000 rows of which there are text strings withing the "" that I wish to retain. ENQUIRY-01-01-08-18\W_SC-Lightning...
  20. T

    Automatically transfer data to next sheet

    Hello all I have two different sheets and want the raw input I add into the first one to automatically transfer in to the same cell on the next sheet and in to a formula. E.g I have written =-‘Sheet1’!A1 in sheet2 to get the first input transferred and change sign, but when I add more...

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