1. C

    Macro Help - web logs

    Complete Macro noob here... I am working with a very large data set (5,000+ rows, 57 columns) of web server logs. These logs contain a great deal of noise I need cleaned out. The best column to do this from would be the Destination IP addresses. There are over 250 unique addresses. I need to...
  2. G

    Unstructured Addresses and Countries

    I have a column with full international addresses with no separators (commas or semicolons). I need to search each cell for a country name and put it in the cell next to it. I've tried to use the search function and it works with one country but when I introduce the full country list, I get a...
  3. H

    Open File If MAC Address Matches With That Mentioned In The Code

    Hello Friends, Is it possible to Open a file only for specific computers. A VBA code for let’s say 3 MAC Addresses is linked with Workbook Open Event & the file should open for those 3 computers who’s MAC Addresses are there in the code - otherwise a msg box should prompt saying that you are...
  4. R

    Need some guidance on how to approach this

    Hi Everyone, I need a little help with something. I have a report that I get twice a day, on emails that were sent to some of our generic inboxes. Each email has it's own row. Column C of this report contains a list of all the email addresses the email was sent to. There can be one or a...
  5. J

    Create email with same body but different addresses (using drop down menu)

    So I've got a drop down menu which creates an email. Body of the email is always the same but the addresses and subject change depending on the option chosen from the drop down list. It pulls the email addresses from a table and also inserts the contents of the clipboard to the body of the...
  6. R

    Separating multiple email addresses and names in Excel

    Hi, I need help with an Excel sheet. I have a list of users names and email addresses along with other data columns. Some of the Name and email cells contain multiple names and corresponing email address. I want to have these moved to their own row with all the other row/column data duplicated...
  7. A

    Can I use Mailto and body to generate an email that includes working hyperlinks

    Hello, I am new to excel and I am unsure if what I am trying to dois possible. I cannot use VBA/macros for this as our sharepoint site does notsupport macro enabled workbooks. I am using a mailto:formula to create an email, and I have body and subject set up...
  8. N


    Hi All, I have a one off task where I need to send multiple individual emails to various email addresses. I have all the addresses in row 2 and the text in cells in column L. This is what I am have come up with...
  9. M

    Emailing direct from Excel

    I have a workbook that has several sheets (one for each person) - is there a way that I could email the contents of each sheet directly from Excel to the 'body' of an email. If this is feasible - where would the email addresses need to be located ( a separate sheet or on each individual sheet...
  10. J

    Is there VBA to create multiple emails of specific cells based on email address in the same row?

    I have a worksheet with almost 1000 rows of data (userids) in column B and locations for that data in column C. In column A, I have email addresses for the owners of B. (there are 300 unique email addresses). I'm not super awesome at VBA, but assume that there is VBA to "extract" the unique...
  11. S

    Delete certain email addresses from a column?

    Hi. In column A i have thousands of rows of email addresses (1 address per row). What I want to do is run a macro which deletes all rows that aren't , so my list after running the macro only contains addresses with these domains. How do I achieve this?
  12. M

    Search for an IP address Using a Set of Ranges as Search Criteria

    I am trying to create a tool that will allow you to paste a column of IP addresses and have each address searched for in a range of IP addresses. For each address found in a range then Excel returns "yes", otherwise "no" The table below is a sample of the pasted addresses (column F) To the...
  13. C

    Filter Address missing #'s

    I'm trying to sort about 50-60k rows of data and doing so by manually going through the lists and deleting the rows that do not have the #### part of the address. Is there a way to filter down and see addresses that contain the Main St and not the 1234 Main St? like 123 Dunn Rd are ones I...
  14. A

    multi sheet reference for 1 cell/Impossible??

    I have an excel doc with several worksheets 1 summary sheet The rest are all different addresses, the address in each sheet is in cell B2 I would like a formula in the summary sheet the give the address in cell B2 and be able to drag the formula down to give the addresses for each different...
  15. K

    Open .msg file and add emails

    Hi, I have a macro for opening a .msg file but I need to also add email addresses. The email addresses will be different depending on the project. Is this possible? The macro I currently have is: Sub OpenOutlookMsg () Dim myoutapp As Object Dim myitem A Object Set myoutapp =...
  16. E

    VBA code to create move duplicate email adresses to new worksheet

    I have to run a report showing customer names, addresses and email addresses. Many times customers have the same email address as some other customer. I need to: Sort the first worksheet (call it "Email1") by email address; Add a formula in the column next to the email column: "=IF(O2=O3...
  17. F

    Expanding columns out into rows with unique criteria

    Hi All! First off, I apologize at my horrible attempt to title this thread - I'm sure there's a much better way to word it. I'm pretty stumped on this one. I'm working with a fairly large database (~5K rows) of reservation numbers & email addresses. Please forgive my poor attempt at describing...
  18. C

    Trying to find Data to Match

    Greetings Everyone! I've been learning a lot since I have been a part of this community and I want to say thank you! I have another question that I'm going to go in and try what I know and see how that goes, but if someone has a better suggestion, I'm all ears! We currently have three...
  19. S

    Excel Hyperlink question

    I wonder if someone could please help? I have a column of email addresses in plain text in excel 2016 that I need to convert to clickable email links? Is there a way that I can change all the email addresses to link at the same time? Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards, John.S Australia
  20. M

    Sort addresses by county

    I have a list of addresses in Excel that include the county of each person. I would like to do a mailing for two of the counties only. How do I separate these addresses out?

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