adjacent cell

  1. E

    Copy from multiple files cells adjacent to specific word

    Hello, I got about 100 excel files that are tables converted from PDF. They contain two data I am interested in copy in a unique file. I would like to use a macro that: 1) goes through different files 2) searches for two specific words 3) copies the cell adjacent to the right of the two words...
  2. A

    VBA macro to loop through all workbook > find keywords in cell > copy adjacent cell > paste it in a master file into respective header

    I have several workbook(.xlsx) that have only 1 sheet per workbook. I would like to loop through all the workbooks in the folder one by one and find certain cells with specific keywords and copy the cell adjacent to it. Next, copy all the cells and paste it in a master file into its respective...
  3. I

    VBA code to paste adjacent cell only when cell pasted to is empty

    Hello. I have this code that compares two columns between two sheets. It matches the values in column J in “Ships” with column M in “Main”. It copies the value 10 cells to the right from sheet “Ships” and pastes it in the 3rd cell to the right on “Main” sheet. However, I need it to only paste it...
  4. T

    Insert increasing number into adjacent cells with the same value

    Hello everyone, I have a column with values either 0 or 1. Everytime there is one or more 0 below together, I need them to be replaced with increasing values by 1 and do not change the lines with previous 1. Like this: 1 1 /*no change 1 1 /*no change 0 1 /*+1 1 transform...
  5. S

    Posting to an adjacent cell

    as an old grey head approaching 70, I have decided to learn VBA. I have been grateful to this forum particularly in that Journey. Please forgive any error in protocols or procedures. I have a Workbook which has a BankRec Sheet which has cheque numbers in AA:DY with headings (Week1 etc) in Row 2...
  6. X

    How to work with an adjacent cell with an ActiveX button

    Hello guys, first time posting here (an first time posting in a forum ever). I'm desperate. I am programming an Excel File to act as a game interface (a very simple one, for a gamification project in my company). The thing is that I want to create an ActiveX button (why an ActiveX and not a...
  7. P

    Reference Found Cell in Column & Search The Adjacent Cell

    Hello, So the formula I am trying to create is described as this; Search column for specific text, if text is found, then search the cell to the left of the found cell for specific text. If the text is true, count. Currently what I've tried is the following...
  8. D

    Macro to find text in list and change value in adjacent cell

    Hi! I would like help to make a macro which will find specific suppliers, specified in advance (preferably listed in the macro itself) for example supplier "Alpha" and "Bravo", in column M of a list and for each row where the supplier is found, change the value in column O of that row to the...
  9. A

    VBA to Paste to a Named Range skipping some cells based on Adjacent Cell value in another Named range

    I have search for 2 days only to find complex solutions. What i want to do is simpler. I have a current working VBA sub that selects a formula from one cell, named ("StockPriceFormula") and copy/pastes down a named range ("CurrStockPrcRange"). Current Working VBA: ===================== Sub...
  10. D

    Fill in empty cells with adjacent cell value

    Good afternoon, I was wondering if someone can help - I have a column E containing cells of different values; some of those cells are blank. I also have an adjacent column D that doesn't have any blank values. What I basically trying to do is use VBA fill in the empty cells in column E...
  11. S

    Scan Column and Create Value in Adjacent Cell

    Trying to have excel scan down a column of dates and insert a value that corresponds to a changing date. As the column is scanned if there are duplicates a value of 2 would be entered in the cell adjacent to the bottom most duplicate cell leaving the the remaining adjacent cells blank. If...
  12. P

    take number value in column B if adjacent text value in column A equals "XXXX"

    As a small business owner I am bound to my point of sales (POS) software and sometimes its limitations. My POS will generate monthly reports that show each of my business's department sales. For example, JANUARY department sales report will be; January: Greeting Cards: $323 Impulse buys: $113...
  13. S

    Need help with Countif and placing the result in adjacent cell

    I need to find the countifs of two seperate variables and put that result in the adjacent cells. Basically, trying to find a way to pin point where the last two variables reside in the two seperate countif ranges. Data will be added in anytime ex. rows (7-11) and columns Y and AA <TBODY> Y AA...
  14. J

    Excel add data to beginning of cell if adjacent cell (to the right) is empty

    Hi, Is there a formula I could use which would: Add data at the beginning of each cell in the left column if and only if the adjacent cell (to the right) is empty. ?? Really struggling with this. Many thanks, J
  15. I

    Find value in ROW and return value in adjacent Cell

    Hello I am having a challenge with this one and have spent over 4 hours on the net attempting to find a solution... none seem to work for me. I have column A with the company name, Column B to G are new equipment and H to AN are service. (I am not VBA Savy sorry) The challenge...
  16. R

    Conditional Formatting - adjacent column data not filling down

    Hello my friends, I have a simple problem, but many blogs do not quite have a resolution. I need to turn each individual row in column A to red if column C contains any number and green if zeor. However, I have 245 rows in column A that must act individually. I can certainly set up...
  17. N

    output based on numbers in adjacent cell

    Set cell fill color based on number of adjacent cell I have a question about a case in excel. I am doing a research with the following information. In column B, I have the name of the buyer company, column B cells that contain numbers 1, 2 or 3 opposite the company name in column B depending...
  18. M

    Macro Required - Automatically Merge vertically identical cells

    Hi There I was wondering if someone can help??? After trawling the internet I am at a loss. I need a macro that will automatically merge vertically adjacent cells that are identical within a column (either excluding blanks, or for highlighted areas only to prevent the macro merging the...
  19. A

    Help finding a value in one column and showing the value of adjacent cell

    I need some help with a formula. I want to excel to find a certain value (which may occur several times in a column) and add up the values that are next to those specific cells. For instance: A 1 B 2 A 4 A 5 B 3 C 3 C 2 D 5 I want to create a formula...

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