1. S

    VBA to auto adjust row height to fit Text

    I am using Excel 2010 and my data is variable in number of rows and length of text in each cell and Wrap Text is on. What would be the VBA code to automatically adjust row height from $A$3:INDIRECT("$R$&"COUNT(D:D)) to fit text but have a minimum row height of 27. ~INDIRECT() Gives me the last...
  2. H

    enable iterative calculation excel 2016 untick itself

    How do i rid this setting in Excel options (formula). Seemed sometimes this box was untick by itself. And cause error of "these are one or more circular references.." appeared when opening my workbook. Is this anyway to fix this by VBA or any method. I don't need to adjust the tick box every...
  3. S

    Adjust OFFSET length for holidays

    In this sheet, column H finds the weekly MAX from 01/02/1993 based on the OFFSET values given in columns F and G. The formula in column H is =MAX(OFFSET($B$3,F2,0,1,1):OFFSET($B$3,G2,0,1,1)) The value in H2 is the MAX from 01/02/1993 to 05/02/1993 (calculated from data not shown below) The...
  4. A

    Change font types in WHOLE workbook

    I need to replace ALL fonts in an Excel workbook to Arial. All fonts include everything, including in graphs, sliders etc. There has to be a way to do it in VBA so I only need to adjust where it goes wrong. Do anyone has the nessesary sub they want to share? :)
  5. L

    VBA Adjust All Shape In Sheet To Same Position In Cell

    Hi, Is there a way to adjust all shapes in a worksheet to the exact same position? So a manual way would be if I have 10 shapes in sheet1 in different cells between A1:B20, I would manually click each one and alt drag it to the top left of the cell it resides in. How Can I produce this through...
  6. E

    Userform CommandButton/Listbox

    This is my first time working with Userforms. I am trying to create a userform with a listbox where I can select multiple items in a list, and then submit them to generate a string including those results. 1. I have the listbox doing what I want it to do but I want it to dynamically adjust its...
  7. T

    Customising columns

    I have a worksheet whereby I want column A to always remain hidden, yet at the same time, I want to allow users to be able to adjust the width of all other columns. Is that possible?
  8. D

    Building adjustable launch date timing into a forecast

    Hi. I'm building a model that allows you to adjust Data Validation lists to display different outputs. This includes adjusting the Project name (A-D), the scenario based on risk (1-3), and then applies specific growth rates based on those inputs I would like to make an adjustment that allows...
  9. N

    Auto Adjust Row Height based on Wrapped Text Sentences

    Dear Excel Experts, I tried the code below to automatically adjust the row height in merged cell from A10 to G10. For example, if my sentence is justified in 2 lines only the row height will adjust for 2 liner sentences. Then if my write ups could go longer (example: 6 lines sentences) it...
  10. S

    Adjusting for inflation on Excel

    So I have an excel problem (first time user) and I have to adjust for inflation for a fortnightly payment. So the payment comes in every fortnight and its $900. Inflation is estimated approx. 4% and its to occur on a yearly basis on and after 1/07/2014 (so the next one would be 1/07/2015 and...
  11. Q

    Auto Expanding X-Axis

    To the Excel Gurus out there: Hi! I'm a newbie and I apologise upfront if I've missed this thread/question somewhere (I really have been searching a while now): I've a chart to represent data entered over the next 2 years, but I only want the X-Axis to cover the series where information has...
  12. L

    VBA for all available rows input formula in column D

    Should be simple.... I need to say for all rows that have data in them from end up, put this formula =I1-(5/24) in column J. Adjusting the I# for each row. I am subtracting 5 hours from the time, and need to use this formula to maintain the structure of the other data in the cells. Cells...

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