1. A

    The HDD from the old PC

    I suppose this is the right forum for this topic, my apologies If I am mistaken. The story (introduction) Time came for some colleagues at work to get new computers. WinXP was obsolete by far. A new PC arrived with its own HDD and a not so old OS. The issue is: to transfer the files from the...
  2. B

    Copy from one source file into multiple excel files - All live in one location

    Hello , I have an excel file which is the source document and I have other excel files which are destination files all in one location. - I want VBA to open the source excel and Format the Date in Column C of the source to MM YYYY. - Check if column A has the word 'SIGNAPAY' , - If true then...
  3. D

    Complex VLookup?

    Hi there, Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if any Excel experts could give some guidance on a VLookup question? I am trying to look-up two combined records. I have a sheet with Entity 1, Entity 2, Entity 3 as columns, then as rows (headers) I have departments (Accounts, HR, Admin). I...
  4. N

    Excel VBA automatically copy entire row to different sheets based on cell value

    Hi ...My excel have multiple sheets as below: 1) Master Data 2) Region A 3) Region B 4) Region C 5) Region D I need to have a VBA coding that will COPY entire row automatically into a respective sheet if the cell value match according to the "REGION". Whenever changes was made in the Master...
  5. T

    Can excel Vba search dropbox for a folder or document?

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem with dropbox we have a number of users that have access to my dropbox account but i'm getting problems with them opening other documents in dropbox using VBA with my filepath. the code " Environ$("UserProfile")" and the first part "Fold1 = "Dropbox (ALL)" " work...
  6. M

    VBA code to reset access mdb file permissions

    Hello. I have an 2003 access database (mdb file) with all tables having Unknown as owner except one table which has Admin as owner. Is there a way I can use VBA to transfer tables ownership from unknown back to Admin?
  7. J

    Dynamic list of worksheets based on tab colour

    I have a workbook with about 16 admin and finance sheets. Then the rest of sheets contain the data for each job, like job cards. These sheets are coloured blue and the admin sheets are coloured green. I have been asked to create another admin sheet with a dynamic list of sheet names with...
  8. K

    VBA to save File to Folder of Current Month

    :confused: Hello All, I have a VBA that will save the current workbook to a folder for the current year and month. It will first check to see if the folder already exists and if it doesn't it will create it prior to saving. My problem is that I created my folder structure using the month...
  9. A

    Required Simple VBA Code

    Hi Expert, I am new in a Excel. I have created a trainee project for my learning and which is attaching hear. In my project all are okey, but i don't want to show any work sheet in this excel, is it possible? if possible please instruct how can i do this. please note that UserForm1 and...
  10. D

    VBA and formula

    Hi all I have a spreadsheet with over 5000 records however I need to do very little with some of them so I am looking for a VBA to do a lot of my work for me. I have made a start but with little success. Basically, I want to run the VBA to take the following actions: 1. Delete Rows if Column F...
  11. S

    What formula to use - if the specific group of cells contain a "yes", change the yes to "confirmed"

    Hello, I'm doing a template to check availability and coordinate common slots for 3 different groups of officers (admin, relationship and finance). So I have a template that has a list of dates (B1 to V1) and with the list of officers (admin: A2 to A6, relationship: A7-A12 and finance A13-18)...
  12. S

    Horizontal sum with multiple criteria

    I've been driving myself crazy this morning trying to make this work, but I know someone here can point me in the right direction. I have some premiums collected sorted by month received on the horizontal axis and three breakdowns for the premium in column D. I would like to sum these for each...
  13. T

    Auto Log In

    Hi All I have Log In Security within a Workbook which is activated by Clicking a button [CommandButton2]. However, what I need is, if a User clicks the other button [CommandButton1] then it will open the workbook and all sheets [except Admin & Lists] so they can view the content. I cannot work...
  14. P

    Revise numbers

    Hi all, I would like to use a VBA code so that to “revise” the numbers in col. “J” if the account in col. “E” is “450102 ADMIN”, “450102 RES”, “605102 ADMIN” and “605102 RES” Therefore, that should make the proper deduction and then should turn the negative number into positive. Below I present...
  15. M

    User access

    Hi i need help. I have create workbook that has a userform. I have users and admin accounts. However with the user accounts they are still able to copy/delete worksheets. Is it possible to make these options only available for my admin accounts? I have looked at protecting the workbooks...
  16. A

    Counting training records - countifs / Sum fuctions

    Hi Forum I am try to set up a spreadsheet to count our team's training records. On sheet 1 - I have the data in 4 columns as below <tbody> Date Role Staff Member Name Training (mins) 21/09/2018 Admin Staff 1 20 21/09/2018 Technical Staff 2 120 01/10/2018 Admin Staff 3 30 </tbody> On...
  17. P

    Filtering help

    I am trying to create a filtering scenrio. Ex. The value of Sheet1 in cell A2 is username "Admin", if that happens all Username with admin in Sheet2 will be filtered from the table of raw data.
  18. J

    Dynamic Cut and Paste VBA

    I am very new to vba and some help creating a code. I need to cut each unique Name record and paste it into it's own new sheet. I tried to find an existing code but had no luck. Can someone help me with this? <colgroup><col width="64" span="3" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Name...
  19. M

    user lists part 2

    so a while back a very knowledgeable user DMT32 helped me update his macro to meet my needs and all of a sudden it started having issues. Works great for users defined as admin but everyone else gets a Subscript out of range error. The Macro does do what its supposed to do, but the error...
  20. L

    SUMIFS Dynamic range

    I need to sum data for each department. This seems simple but my data's columns are not always in the same order. I'm sure there is a way to find the 'department column in an array then find the wages column and sum particular department names. It just needs to work with dynamic data. <tbody>...

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