advance filter

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    Advance Filter on cells with formula

    Hi All cells in my sheet contains formula. I'm trying to use the advance filter to filter out the non blank cells "<>". However, it seems that The advance filter doesn't recognize cell as empty while it has a formula. I'm using the following VBA: Sub CreateAdvancedFilter() Dim rngDatabase...
  2. S

    Two Add Filters in One Column - Advance Filter

    Hi, I'm very new to using advanced filters in macro. I'm in a situation where I wanted to use two filters in a single column. E.g., there is a column 'Name' in that I have to put a filter on the name which has Pre-Imp and SIC; in this case, is it possible to do it? I know we can use And, Or...
  3. P

    Need Help with multiple Value Filter or Advanced Filter

    Hello, I have a data set that is updated weekly. Multiple pivot tables/charts are outputted on a separate worksheet showing Top 5 or Top 10 jurisdictions, people, practice groups, etc. with the corresponding fees. The pivot tables/charts are already filtered by one of two main clients. However...
  4. J

    How can I filter cells that contain two or more strings like this 800-361-4827?

    I have several cells with only one phone number. How can I filter those which have more than one cell phone? For example, I want to find cells like this: MCCLANAHA Juan `RR I Box 1488 Alton 778-6076; Mcdonald S `1820 N Main St 417-926-4747 The amount of numbers in the phone number...
  5. X

    VBA to copy using range as criteria

    Hi folks I am not very advance user and can write basic codes but I have spent quite a while on this and could not make it work so asking for your help. I have one workbook with multiple sheets as below Sheet1 (Actual Input data for over 400,000 lines) Region Location Accounts...
  6. Z

    advance filter with or and and fuction

    hi, I will like to do an advanced filter so that I can spot duplicate.First, let me go through my sheet first. I creating a shet for the user to make a booking for their the slot. 1. First user input the start time of the appointment at V3 2. the total hours of the booking at V5...
  7. N

    Advance Filter Macro

    Hi All, I have data in below format :- Now I want to add a filter as below mentioned criteria :- 1) Picklisted : Should be New 2) 410(A) : Should remove latest 6 dates from filter 3) GR1 : Should be False 4) GR01 : Should be select all numbers & numbers where 2 numbers...
  8. J

    Advanced Filter doesn't work - manually and through macro

    Hi folks, So, i have a data set in one sheet (say rawdata) and i have another sheet which has the filter criteria in one column "K" (sheet name is rules). When i did an advanced filter, to get the values from this colum to filter the data set, nothing happened. I get the following code when i...
  9. C

    VBA: Userform Not Updating Filter Criteria

    I'm new to VBA and have attempted to create a userform (from youtube videos) that will allow my team to add and update projects in a database. The userform contains a search function that can search by column header "cboHeader". The search criteria entered by the user should update cells P1 and...
  10. Z

    i try advance filter but i get error 1004

    Sheet4.Range("C8").CurrentRegion.AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, _ CriteriaRange:=Sheet4.Range("AM6:AO8"), CopyToRange:=Sheet4.Range("AQ8:AT8") i cant seem to find whats wrong with the codes. can anyone help me with this code. all my table headings is all the same
  11. M

    Default Macro using Advanced Filter with Relative Reference

    Hello, I am looking for a VBA sentence which make possible to copy a full data base which can change (Relative Reference) using the advance filter: Sub MacroTest() ' ' MacroTest Macro ' ' Workbooks("Other Excel file containing the Data Base.xlsx").Sheets("Data").Range("A3:EN3897"). _...
  12. M

    Filtering a column of a table according several values in an array.

    HI, I want to filter all my table rows, according to several values for its one column which is set out in another sheet. I want this code to be dynamic about the name of the table or the array of cells I want to filter according to their data. For instance, I want to select the array first, I...
  13. G

    Paste Filtered Results on the Next Empty Row in a Column

    I am building a custom template for technicians to use while on the production floor. What I am attempting to do is filter the results on separate sheets (FTP Results and ATP Results), copy those results to the next empty cell in a specific column in another sheet (Failure Report). I have both...
  14. P

    Advanced Filter Wildcard using Formula

    I'm able to use advanced filter with wildcards that are values only. How do you use wildcard advanced filter using a formula. Sheet3 <colgroup> <col style="WIDTH: 30px; FONT-WEIGHT: bold"> <col style="WIDTH: 87px"> <col style="WIDTH: 64px"></colgroup> <tbody> A B 1 Column A...
  15. J

    Filter table based on cell input

    Good morning everyone, I have gone through several forums and tried several VB codes but I just can't get the VB code to work. Problem: I am trying to filter a table based on a drop down selection. example: I have a drop down list in cell B1 with the following options - Sales A, Sales B...
  16. T

    Advance Filter Macro from Pivot Table selection

    Hi, Im using this code I found on the web to create separate reports from 1 table and was wonder if I could choose what reports to make from a selection in a pivot table rather than the range "CompanyList". The pivot table would show all company's in the data and I could just filter out any I...
  17. D

    VBA: Separate data from Sheet1 to other Sheets based on filtering logic and conditional formatting

    Hello all, Would very much appreciate some help with this one... I want to take cuts of data from my main sheet (Sheet1) and paste it onto sheet 2,3,4 etc based on some logic and conditional formatting (it has to be conditional formatting, there isn't a workaround to this part unfortunately)...
  18. S

    Using Advance Filter and referencing a Table name for the "List Range"

    Hi<o:p></o:p> It has been awhile since my last post. I may be late to the party, but I have juststarted using Tables. Wish I got to theparty sooner.<o:p></o:p> I use the Advancefilter in many of my projects. I usea range name to reference the “List Range” for the advance filter. I...
  19. S

    Advance filter unique values from third column

    I have a table with 3 columns. Is it possible to use advancefilter to extract unique records from third column without using another help column. <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> TrialBalanceItem. ReverseSort .LenTrialBalanceItem. * 60.00.00. * ΤΑΚΤΙΚΕΣ ΑΠΟΔΟΧΕΣ...
  20. A

    Complex filter

    Hi guys, Im having difficulty with a something. I have three columns, first contains names, second contains a code and third contains a number. However, i have several times the same name even if the code and number that go with it are different. Exemple <tbody> Name Code Mark Tony a...

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