advanced filters

  1. S

    Advanced filtering of data into other sheet and copying the same sheet into a new workbook

    Hello ..!! This is my 3rd thread with Mr.Excel and my journey here is making me visualize what all can I automate using VBA and becoming successful with smaller macros for now. Thanks to everyone who is making my journey here fruitful ..!! :) So I am here with a request for macro that I need...
  2. S

    Make dynamic advanced filter trigger on formula value update

    So currently I have an advanced filter that triggers on value input. However when I try to make criteria cell formula based it ignores changes. unless I click on cell and hit enter Here is my advanced filter Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Target...
  3. B

    Advanced Filter if word contains - Macro

    I would like to add a "search" or "if contains" as an addition to my advanced filter set up as a macro. Right now it is processing if my search term (B3) is the first word in my range, however I am marking my list with tags and would like it the return results if other tag words if selected and...
  4. S

    VBA For Advanced Filter Auto-Update on Multiple Sheets

    Hi, I have a workbook with over 50 Sheets. I have set up advanced filters on in excess of 30 sheets. I would like to find a way to use VBA code to update the existing advanced filters that i have set when there is a chance to the woorkbook. I have managed to enter some code but it is based...
  5. J

    VBA Filtering with multiple criteria

    I am trying to create a filter that will select 4 different parts. another constraint is: Sometimes a part will be added with a similar name so I cannot specify the exact name. So what I started with is: ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$N$6000").AutoFilter Field:=4, Criteria1:="=*A717*", _...
  6. M

    Data validation with references to other cells?

    Pardon my Excel ignorance, as it has been 12+ years since I have used it. Back then, I was using a windows computer and now it's a MAC with Excel 2016. I don't know if data validation, pivot table, filtering, etc. would be the right choice or even a combination of? Speaking of combination...
  7. R

    Advanced Filter with OR and Multiple Criteria per Column & Combo Box

    Hi guys, I have been using this forum for quite a long time as a 'spectator'. This is my first post. I have an advanced filter macro in place for my company. It allows us to match our prospective buyers to our signed content sellers by matching their produced content with the...
  8. B

    HELP - Advanced Userform 3 level dependent drop down

    I wanted to make a drop down userform with 3 levels. (Level 1 decides Level 2 decides Level 3). The goal is to have the users of the form be able to select from drop downs to get to level 3 instead of having to look through all the level 3 items. I was able to get 1 and 2 to work however...
  9. N

    VBA advanced filter - uniqe items + conditions

    hello forum, i would need your help with the folowwing issue: i have list of vendors with the folowing format: col A - list of vendor code col K - the corespondign amnt there can be multiples lines with the same vendor code in list A. what i would like to do is the folowing: to...
  10. M

    Extracting data from a table

    Hello all. I have a table with 6 columns. I need to extract a range of values from one column based on three criteria. Thats is the first three columns are used to filter the table and then I need to extract the data in the one of the remaining columns and write it to a list on to another...
  11. R

    Filter Based on List or Range

    Hello, I'd like to be able to filter a spreadsheet based on values in another spreadsheet, or list. Is there any way to do this? I'm looking at advanced filters, but can't work it out. To be clear, I have a spreadsheet with 12,000 records and want to filter by a certain group of customers...

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