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    averaging months

    what i want to do is. i want a foumula that will let me to get a rolling average for a month as i add numbers for each week. that total will be in one cell. I want it to be able for it to figure a average for week 1,2,3,4 so that I will have a current average each week. Example: week 1...
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    averaging months

    What im trying to do is average a row of numbers that represent the months. what im getting back as a result is: when i put a IFERROR(AVERAGE(A1:A5),0) FORMULA for Cells A1 thru A5 and i want my answer in CELL A7 i get one answer of the number i put in cell A1 not the adverage of that number if...
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    averaging months

    I have a situation where i have 12 months in a row acroos my worksheet.( Jan-Dec), and i have 6 catgories with total number of students that attend across the top. each month has 4 dates. so what you have is each month they meet weekly and i have a attendance number. I another place on the...
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    Averaging numbers

    I have a row of 10 numbers and each week i add numbers. What i want to do is have a formula that will average the last 4 numbers in that row of numbers when i add numbers to the row of numbers. So what im saying is i want to be able to always adverage the last 4 number that have been entered...

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