1. T

    VBA hide last two rows in a table

    I would like to do a macro that will hide the last row and the total row in a table in excel. Any advice? Thank you!
  2. Kobi Merrikin

    Combining multiple cells into one

    Hello! This is my first post on Mr Excel :) I am trying to collate a list of numbers so they have an exclamation mark at the start and a semi-colon at the end. I wish for these to all end up in one cell so I can copy and paste them into a business intelligence system that requires this format...
  3. VBA learner ITG

    Formula advice

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked before but i cannot find an answer to my question on here or on google. I have the below formula which is a standard vlookup which returns a certain value found for A, B, C etc =IF(VLOOKUP($A7,'CHRISTMAS GIFT...
  4. J

    How many versions would you say is enough

    Hi, I was wondering if you would have any advice when it comes to save a new version of your workings. Lately, i have found myself saving a version after another making my folder looks very untidy. What would you advice to keep your versions nice and tidy? When do you decide a new version is...
  5. E

    One Minus The Next Highest Number

    Hello, I am looking for advice on a formula to basically minus one from the next highest number. If A1 to A8 have the numbers: 3 5 1 8 4 6 2 7 if the number 2 is removed from the above then i want a formula to correct the order in cells B1 to B8 so they would read: 2 4 1 7 3 5 6 Any...
  6. S

    Spaces causing error

    Hi guys, Would appreciate any advice on the following please. The formula below is functioning reasonably well except for spaces occurring a the end of each returned result. =VLOOKUP([@Column2],'list of part numbers'!A:C,3,FALSE) I have to "Find and Replace" the spaces for the data to show...
  7. CsJHUN

    ERP advice

    Hi guys, I have to make an ERP (by day it looks more complex) like a database in excel with: production type, ok PCs, ng PCs, time and other losses; key machine parts replacing, these parts lifetime; employes's on the shop floor with their leaders; lines, processes; ..... (for abbreviation and...
  8. K

    Shared Excel Database Advice

    Hey all, I am seeking some general advice from all those that have gone before me. I work in a small office with REALLY slow computers. I am working on a log that tracks work flow in the office. All should be able to see the current data and all should be able to update it as they complete...
  9. I

    Looking for advice / recommendations

    Hi, I have a worksheet that I enter data into each month. At the end of the month I would like to make a copy of the page or the values entered into it then clear the cells & start over again for the next month. The required advice is how should I go about creating a copy / saving a copy etc...
  10. J

    While Wend Statement

    Hi, Can one use AND in a while wend statement: When I use this statement, it does not read the AND statement, so even though there is data in my last column it exits the loops. Not too sure what I am doing wrong, or if I should not be using While and AND in the same statement. Any advice...
  11. H

    Command Button

    Good day. I have 4 forms on one worksheet. I need to place a command button with each form. On click the relevant form needs to be saved as pdf on desktop. Please advice Regards and thank you in advance
  12. T

    Is there a way for me to find if this ( Application.Run "AdaptCaption" ) does anything?

    I'm updating a macro that is used at my job that was created by someone that is no longer with the company and at the very bottom of the macro there is 2 application run lines: Application.Run "AdaptCaption" Application.Run "ReSaveWorkbook" There are no other macros in workbook and I've...
  13. M

    Access Query Expression Builder Concatenate IIF syntax, formula help?

    Hello and thank you in advance if you can help, I am trying to create a column in a query that compiles/concatenates information from other columns when certain criteria are met. The problem I am encountering is how to put it in terms of Concatenate IIf, or if that is even valid syntax within...
  14. M

    How to - Drop down dynamic list - Data from table in source file within another workbook

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I'm looking for some advice on how to create a dynamic drop down list in one workbook (The list values are one column within a table in another workbook) If i click the cell and try and create it using the data validation button in data tools it doesn't seem to like...
  15. H

    No Remittance Advice - assistance with allocation

    Good Afternoon. Working in a finance department, we quite often get issuesthat payments are received, but we have no idea what invoice numbers have beenpaid in that particular payment. This is because the client has not provided aremittance advice (list of invoices they have paid). I am...
  16. H

    Excel 3D Clustered Column Chart

    Hello Everyone, I have a question about Microsoft Excel 2016. What is the correct way to change the color of the side wall, plot area, and floor of the chart? Any advice on that? I will highly appreciate your response. Thanks to all inputs! Best Regards!
  17. M

    Looking for basic formula advice

    I have to take report exports from Salesforce and calculate things like total sales, number of orders, etc... and I have basic sumifs & countifs formulas for most of the statistics (for date ranges, or product type etc..). My problem is that the raw data reports are structured differently...
  18. K

    Advice: Screenshots and

    Hi all, I have a report compiled by the WHO (World Health Organisation) and I want to use one table for a document (a data report) that I am compiling for healthcare in a number of counties. Currently, I am cutting screenshots of the table and pasting them into my report. It perfectly suits...
  19. R

    copy sheet and change name

    Please, give me an advice. I have a combobox where I choose a template. below it I have textBoxt to change the name. I don't know how to go on. I can only copy. thank you for your advice Private Sub btn_create_Click() Sheets(choose_template.Value).Copy After:=Sheets("Content")...
  20. E

    copy and paste visible rows

    Hi can someone help with the following code? I want to filter the "HR Advice & admin" sheets to display all rows which have no data in collumn ("N") then paste all rows displayed into "Sheet1". I want to exclude the top row to be copied and pasted into the second row on "Sheet1". What I have...

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