1. brendalpzm

    Calculate Age with vlookup to fill a text box

    I have these activeX controls fields: EmpNoBox = Employee Number (TextBox) AgeBox = Final result with age (TextBox) **These 2 are located in the "Registro" worksheet In a different worksheet called "Base_Externos" I have a data base with the employees information, employee number is located in...
  2. B

    Age formula: Year / Month / Day

    Hello Everyone, I am working on an excel sheet for a birthday calendar to show how old someone is in Years, Months, and Days. Right now for testing purposes I am using consecutive days. Photo shows the consecutive days. This is the Formula I have so far, but I cant seem to get the days to...
  3. R

    Help with macro for pre 1900 dates

    I'm working on my family history and therefore often have to deal with dates that are before 1900. I have found the microsoft Agefunc macro that I can use to calculate age in years but I would like to have ages displayed as Years, Months, Days. I can do that already for dates after 01/01/1900 by...
  4. S

    Calculating the age during operation as an integer

    Hello there I only know the birth dates of the patients. I am trying to learn their age as an integer from a fixed operation date. 1965 birth date 3.3.2015 operation date Which formula can I perform this calculation with excel 2010? thanks
  5. M

    Do i need Vlookup or Indirect or something else?

    I have a simple workbook with two sheets. Sheet 1 contains: <tbody> NAME AGE HEIGHT WEIGHT JOHN 34 52 23 PETER 23 12 62 LUCY 45 23 86 DANIEL 23 42 34 </tbody> Sheet 2 contains a message: Choose a person I then has a dropdown/combo box (data validation list, the source being the list...
  6. G

    Data into age buckets

    I have a large list with one columns that have age, gender and race. I need to sort the gender and race into the following age groups: 17 and under 18-64 65-84 85 and older All that comes to mind to me is to do an if statement where I look at the age column and say, for instance, if it...
  7. P

    How to count a formula?

    In my data, I get only the date-of-birth. I made a formula to get the age- =INT((TODAY()-C276)/365) and then I make an age category: =IF(D2<12,"Child",IF(D2<18,"Adolescent","Adult")) The summary data is done by the pivot table so I show all therapy service hours by age cat. I would like to...
  8. P

    How best to add category to age

    Hello- I have data as this: How would be cleanest way to do this. to populate the blank column Name age Category Joe 19 Sue 24 Berli 10 I would l calculate the age category so that age <12 = child 12-17 - Adolescent 18+ = adult Name age category Joe 16...
  9. L

    Calculate Age

    Hi I am trying to find the best and easiest way to calculate age. I thought it is something easy but it turn it is a bit complex. The websites below showing how to calculate age. But I only found is better and easier yet it is not that easy because they use a function called...
  10. C

    Formula for Retirement Eligibility Date - min age (58) and years of service plus age is min of 70

    I want to start off with saying that I have scoured the internet to find this answer -- it's driving me crazy. Someone please help!! I need an excel formula that calculates a date based on: 1) Minimum age of 58 years 2) Age plus service is 70 or greater
  11. H

    Age formula

    I currently have a formula telling me the the date in which an animal reaches 16 months in age or 30 months in age, depending on whether they are a "B" or an "ST". =IF(E3="B",EDATE(C3,16),IF(E3="ST",EDATE(C3,30))) Would it be possible to add a function that would display a dash "-" if the B...
  12. L

    Slicer for age groups

    Hi I have a table like the one below. I inserted a table then I inserted Slicer for age. So I can use the slicer to filter. My question, can I group age into group like this 18-30 31-50 51-65 So the slicer can show only 3 groups only. I know that can be done in Pivot table but can it be done...
  13. B

    AccesS Formula help

    I could use some help with how to write this formula in ACCESS to determine age bucket for the column DaysAged. It works fine when I input just the formula for <= 30 days but, when I add 30-60, 60-240, and > 240 it isn't calculating correctly. I'm just not sure how to show the days between 30-...
  14. S

    Cell reference depending on age date of birth

    If you are not aware, in the UK we have National Minimum Wage that varies on your age. The ranges are 16-17, 18-20, 21-24, 25+ I have members of staff of varying age that can move through the various rates of pay. I have a cell with the member of staff's date of birth. I have grid of cells with...
  15. P

    DOB/Age Cell Formula - Rounddown

    Hi all! I was wondering if someone could please give me hand with a, probably very simple, formula. I am about to circulate a worksheet to a few organisations my my office deals with, asking them to enter some standard details of their clients (First Name, Surname, DOB, Age...). I have set up...
  16. L

    I need with my friend

    My friend have today() in one cell. second column put birthday mm/dd/yy. Third column have future how year. fourth column is how old he will be in future age here link to get the file!AnJwxxiz0Ezpg8h3vO4Rqi1ekoGgmA?e=8ydGh1 Thanks You Thomas
  17. J

    Annuity draw-down over 25 years period

    Hi gurus, I will be very grateful if any one of you can assist on this. One of our team members who created the below has left the company and when we recover the file, we realised the formulas are totally gone! And none of us are able to work out the formula. Appreciate if any kind soul can...
  18. R

    Withdrawing balances from accounts

    Hi, Below are two banks, Bank A and Bank B where i am intending to withdraw based on the annual increase in withdrawal of 3% starting at age 70. Everthing works ok for me and and I provided the formula below that i am working on. However, I could not get the formula out for withdrawal. Given...
  19. A

    VBA Copy columns with non-similar header name between two workbooks

    Hi there, how can i make a condition to copy then insert a column to another workbook, the only condition is that, if this columnd header exists in the current workbook dont copy it ! EXAMPLE: workbook1 <tbody> Name Age City Email </tbody> Workbook2 <tbody> Name Title Age...
  20. N

    IF/And OR vs calculating DOB less than 18 years of Age

    =IF(AL2="",AND(OR(S2="IN",S2="KY",S2="HI",S2="WV")*TODAY()-N2/365)) Above is the formula I wrote to calculate less than 18 years for particular states. This is what I a trying to achieve and not sure how to go about it. Column AL has ID Column S has States Column N has DOB Column AE has...

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