1. C

    Top Offender List

    Hello, I have a list of alarm reponses that I need to sort. Ideally I would be able to show: The percentage of accounts that are responsible for the majority of alarms (e.g. 90% of alarms come from 9% of accounts) A Top Offenders List of the top 25 problem accounts My sheet includes: A =...
  2. M

    Make function only active on one worksheet in the workbook.

    Hello, I'm having trouble making a modification to my existing working code. I've tried multiple combinations but can't seem to get it to work. I would like to add the condition that if Worksheets("Index").Range("C28").Text = "1" Then this function will only evaluate Worksheets("Underlying...
  3. S

    Question for excel pro's.How to create user defined function that would sound an alarm once conditions are met.

    I have an excel spreadsheet with a streaming temperatures data in a multiple cells. I'm trying to create a user defined function that would sound an alarm when a temperature rises above specified value.This value is a parameter of this function. So far I have this code... Function...
  4. J

    Need a Notification/Alarm when a file is left open for too long

    Hi There, I have a problem that I'm sure many folks have encountered. Our office utilizes a shared drive to access documents. It has its pros and cons, but we've recently run into a problem. There is a coworker who keeps forgetting to close an important excel document that is often used by...
  5. K

    Find and copy based on cell values VBA

    Hi, I have multiple values along the Column E. Some of them are "ALARM". Each of the "ALARM" values have their own date and time at the Column B and C respectively but at the row before the "ALARM" values. I inserted sample at the table below: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 2...
  6. C

    Message Box to show expiry dates, when work book opens up

    Hi Guys, I have a database with Passport and License Details, with expiry dates. I have conditional Formatting in a certain column to show the dates that are about to expire within the next 15 or 30 days. And cells A1 in both sheet show ALARM or NONE to indicate that there are some expiry...
  7. C

    Index/Match with Multiple Criteria

    Hello, I'm really struggling with this one. I believe I need to use an index match lookup combo. The goal is to pull information from sheet 1 into other "forms" (pre-populated sheets) in a workbook. I would like to return all information from column C that has the correct text in columns A...
  8. H

    VLOOKUP stops working mid sheet

    I have to provide a quick report every morning with a list of outstanding alarms on equipment. Based on this list troubles are prioritized and techs are dispatched to make repairs. This can mean that some of these alarms will remain on the list for varying periods of time until the tech is...
  9. P

    Hiding two rows of data based on one row meeting criteria.

    I have an alarm panel that generates a CSV file for alarm events If I bring the data into excel it is easy for an alarm OFF event to find the corresponding alarm ON event and calculate incident time. Problem I want to filter out events 5 seconds or less This is easy for the alarm OFF event...
  10. C

    Check for Error

    Hi Guys, I have a databases of Passport Numbers / Credit Card Numbers / Etc, with 1000 rows and 60 columns, starting in A1. I just need to know of a method when I type the Passport or credit card numbers, which will tell me that the data input the second time or the first time is wrong or...
  11. T

    validated list returning a formula that adds next row number?

    Hi excel gurus, Just wondering if someone could help me out please. I want to create a validated list where if someone chooses and option from the list it uses a formula that adds the next row number to the end of the formula. So for example my list option would be "alarm on and next step". The...
  12. B

    Match or sort dates to match other dates

    Hi guys, I have a worksheet with four columns (A = Calendar, B = Event Date, C = Alarm off, D = Alarm on) containing details of alarm off and alarm on times. Column A contains every day from 1 May 2015 until 30 June 2017 - 793 rows including the header; Column B contains selected days between...
  13. E

    Help Needed

    I have created an alarm like if the time = to current time then it will fire the send email. Its working properly. My only problem is the loop.. example alarm 1 = 1:00 PM alarm 2= 1:15 PM alarm 3= 1:30 PM if alarm 1 is trigger excel will send email... now if the alarm 2 is trigger excel will...
  14. E

    Loop problem

    I have created an alarm like if the time = to current time then it will fire the send email. Its working properly. My only problem is the loop.. example alarm 1 = 1:00 PM alarm 2= 1:15 PM alarm 3= 1:30 PM if alarm 1 is trigger excel send email... now is the alarm 2 is trigger excel will send...
  15. MrIfOnly

    Excel Alarm Clock

    So, I made this alarm clock as mostly an exercise in VBA that turned into a nice little time-killer project for me. I'm sharing it here for all who want it: A few of its features: dual alarm adjustable snooze time adjustable update...
  16. N

    OnTime macro stops running when Excel minimized

    Hi. I am using Excel2010. My sheet displays values collected from a database via an AddIn. The values are updated by pressing CTRL+G (AddIn function). I have an OnTime macro running SendKeys "^G" to update the values every minute. When the values exceed a certain limit, a sound is played from a...
  17. cata2200

    Pop-up Box Message

    Hello everyone I am looking to have a box pop-up when a certain (system) time is reached. Just a simple message. Many thanks for assistance, Catalin
  18. O

    Retouch code to set alarm via Userform/Inputbox

    Hello, with some book help, I wrote this code:Sub Data() Dim dtime As Date Dim Ans As Integer Ans = MsgBox("Have you transfered the data today?", vbYesNoCancel) If Ans = vbYes Then MsgBox ("Ok, Keep Your Work") ElseIf Ans = vbCancel Then Exit Sub...
  19. D

    Timer, Alarm, Audio Alarm

    So I have a computer that runs production spreadsheets continually. Excel always open. Different spreadsheets continually but personal.xlsm stays open all the time. We have a production schedule we need to adhere to and it requires an action every so many hours. The number of hours between...
  20. A

    Macros for alarm

    Hi all, I just started learning macros a few days ago and I've got to use it in my project. I'm trying to create an alarm system using an audio alert. I've found a few examples online but I don't understand the coding language of excel. What I need is to have an alert from when my 'total left'...

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