1. U

    Wrong alignment when edit a cell on not English language

    Hi guys i set a column format cells to text and i should write first character this cells start with + or -, this ok to show correct alignment in my language, but when i want to edit cell, this show wrong alignment and that hard to edit even i set all alignment that suitable for my language...
  2. B

    Conditional Formatting keeps changing alignment

    Hi, I have simple to do list in a table with one rule in Conditional Formatting. If the text within cells D5:D19 are changed to "Completed", the entire row should color green. Somehow once the Conditional Formatting is applied the alignment is also changed. I already tried to save the Excel file...
  3. A

    Gant chart help for alignment

    Hi I have put together a spreadhseet for Gant chart and alignment, However it is not seeming to work proplery as the % is not showing as the right way. I have names which show the days off as 100% and days in as 0% Can anyone help if I post the sheet???
  4. N

    Tab Text Delimiting not working

    Hello, I have a workbook where the data appears to be tab delimited but isn't working in Text-to-Columns. I'm looking for help making text to columns work or other manual "left" "right" "mid" formulas to get it done. Workbook sample below where the data in Row 2 corresponds to the following...
  5. A

    Headings Row 1 Text alignment

    Width is set to 45 and col names are centered. Somehow I've managed another effect which I can't repeat. The names are vertically aligned so they're about 1/16 of an inch above the bottom of the cell. Not bottom, centered, or any other setting offered by the Alignment tab (Format Cells). Any...
  6. Trevor3007

    vb for font / alignment etc

    good day, I know I can do part via'record macro, but there is some code that I do not have any idea on 'how to'? Could some kind coder sort some vb so when any cell within the range A1- S1000 changes the VB will auto run to apply the following:- Font & size Range a1 – s 1000 Calibri Light,16...
  7. O

    Alignment issues

    Hi. I have an issues with alignment in the worksheet below. .For some reason the column headers have started behaving strangely. You can see, even thogh they are centre aligned and columns are plenty wide enough they have started to be misaligned. Please help! They have all of a sudden done...
  8. B

    Text Direction on the Alignment Tab

    I've seen this option on the Format Alignment Dialog box for years (the option underneath the Merge Cells option) but never really used it. It has 3 options: Context, left to right, right to left. How is the cell display impacted when data is being either entered or copied into a cell? Michael
  9. B

    Cells losing alignment when plugging laptop into projector

    Good Morning! I am scratching my head over this one. Every time I plug my laptop into the company projector it fouls up the alignment of the cells in the first column. I set them as left justified, save, then plug in the projector and bring the file up. All the cells in the first column have...
  10. ADAMC

    conditional formattings throws out cell text alignment

    Hi all, Not a major issue but can anyone tell me why if I apply conditional formatting my cell alignment shifts to the right from centre? B2 is a formula: =SUM(Demand!$O2:$Q2) B3 conditional format is =AND(C2 < B2 ,C2 <> " ") - GREEN Formatting is aligned centre but as soon my conditional...
  11. G

    Else If Question

    Hello All For Each sht In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets If sht.Visible And (sht.Name = "Alignment") Then sht.Delete Sheets.Add.Name = "Alignment" sht.Activate Cells.Select With Selection .Clear .RowHeight = 20.01 .ColumnWidth = 8.43...
  12. M

    Aligning and Vertically Distributing Buttons

    I am currently working on an excel project for school and I am unable to figure out how to align the form control buttons to the left and then vertically distribute it. I have tried adding the options to the quick ribbon but they are grayed out...
  13. C

    Unable to set the .HorizontalAlignment property of the Range class error

    Unable to set the .HorizontalAlignment property of the Range class error I am encountering this error trying to set HorizontalAlignment in a VB.NET application. I have looked through many articles with solutions on how to resolve this error. I have tried setting this property in a variety...
  14. R

    VBA Scheduling Help I'm trying to build a code that does the following when button is clicked.... - Enter Date (Value) into Cell's B2, C2, D2, E2 on "Daily Alignment" Sheet. - Import from "Deputy Availability" sheet all of the people who are scheduled to work...
  15. J

    Values not showing in Excel for Mac (cell alignment 45)

    Hi - I have a spreadsheet that I have used for years in Excel for Mac. It's nothing fancy but over the last month the text values that i have in Row 1, no longer show up when the cells are aligned to 45 degrees. The values are still there, if I select the cell but they do not show up anymore...
  16. P

    Create the Mode for a group of values according to value in column A

    I need to calculate multiple means depending on the qualification codes. I have an example where I did it manually, but it is a lot of data that needs to be processed and there must be and easier way. Currently I'm using the following to calculate the mean: =+MODE($B$3:$B$12), but I need to do...
  17. F

    Default cell alignment incorrect

    Hey, for some reason, the cell alignment of new workbooks/sheets is not correct anymore... The alignment is set to bottom and right instead of top and left like it was before. I did some research and already created xltx-files called book.xltx and sheet.xltx in the XLSTART folder. This gives...
  18. J

    error 438 didn't occur yesterday... why today? or even at all?

    Hey all, I'm getting Run-time error 438 "Object doesn't support this property or method" in my code, which i didn't get yesterday and I'm not sure why I'm getting at all... It's occuring on the .Horizontal Alignment = xlRight line in the section of code below... With...
  19. K

    Conditional formatting & number alignment

    Assume: a cell with a number, center aligned apply conditional format (CF) to the cell If the condition is fulfilled, the CF will change the alignment to right aligned. This might not be visible immediately, but after saving, closing, reopening the file, the number is right aligned. When you...
  20. T

    Symbol alignment in mulitple cells

    I use an excel sheet to track the development of personal during training. I used multi colored triangles to track progress day to day and month to month. I have always had trouble aligning the triangles in each cell so that it appears to be in the middle of the cells. Is there an alignment tool...

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