1. B

    Sumif formula for time ranges

    Hi All Sorry for being a noob but I'm trying to fid a formula that will allocate the time spent on a job EDIT: More details in post#4
  2. G

    Allocating Mentors to Students based on criteria

    Hi, I am trying to find a formula which enables me to match students with a mentor on the basis of 'area of interest' and 'location'. I have a spreadsheet with student and mentor data in separate sheets (approx. 150 students and 150 mentors). I have added a 'helper' column, and used a VLOOKUP...
  3. L

    Excel Automation using VBA

    Hi, I like to create a macro spreadsheet that can help me to automate the class allocation for my students. My tasks include the following:- 1. Open an excel file and save as another file (done) 2. Filter Group 1 students 3. Allocate them evenly in G,H,I classes 4. Filter Group 2 students with...
  4. B

    Formula to allocate basis cumulative sum between two tables

    Hi, I have two sets of table, one with few rows and its corresponding values, other have more rows and needs the it corresponding value based on the first table. For an example for revenue 500,000 - 10%, 1,000,000 - 15%..etc in anthe table the same revenue is given in splits like 99,999 ...
  5. sleek12

    Serial number tracker

    Can i get any link to download or know where i can find such a database ? I need a serial number tracker and to allocate certificate to a branch & then branch to allocate it to an agent .
  6. K

    Weekly Allocation of Amount

    I would like to modify solution EMT1075. I want to provide weekly allocation amounts rather than monthly. Appreciate any help Here is link to file <tbody> Allocate Hours Across Workdays...
  7. K

    Allocation Order Formulas

    Hello, I work for a real estate company that does not want to invest in property management software. Every property has a report that is set up in Excel to keep track of rent payments, etc. If the tenant pays for storage or parking in addition to rent, then the payments must first be...
  8. I

    Allocate amount to multiple pots/fund according to priority and remaining shortfall

    Hi I'm a first time user motivated to join by the Excel problem I have. (Excel 2007/ Win 7) I'm attempting to set up a speadsheet to manage my savings. Each month I designate some of my income (x) towards my savings. I have multiple savings pots eg. emergency fund, kid's education fund...
  9. V

    Using Partial Numbers to Calculate Sum

    Example of my problem: A1- 85,331.93 A2- 508,007.30 A3- 515,677.05 A4- 175,311.71 A5- 535,316.91 A6- 147,687.14 A7- 141,606.92 I need to use any combination of these numbers (including partials meaning I can use 60,000 from A1 and save the rest for later) to equal a a set of sums. For example...
  10. A

    copy/paste + relative reference + identify duplicate + allocate if true

    Hello, This is an attempt to make a wok process more efficient. I have attached a workbook, in which i have left notes, if my description is ambiguous. I am trying to attach a macro (to an excel button) that will do multiple actions. Upon clicking said button: 1. copy all new data (below a...
  11. C

    Freeze, whitescreen - memory problem?

    Hello, all. MS-Office apps 2003, Windows XP, 1 Gig RAM. On an annoyingly regular basis, my Excel (and Word for that matter) apps will freeze and go totally whitescreen for a good minute or two. It happens when I close (not open) IE (7 in this case) or other foreign app, or switch from one...

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