1. C

    Choice allocation with preference and priorities

    Hi all, I am looking for a way to do something similar to others on this forum around allocating choices to a number of work experience placements. I have anywhere between 60-100 students each year who rank five placement preferences from over 50 placements (who have between 1 and 3 spaces)...
  2. C

    Equally Random Distribution

    Using the image below, is it possible to assign a Program Randomly to each employee, but where the Count and units are balanced to the best ability? Thank You!
  3. A

    How to allocate amount based on Payment Start Date and End Date thru VBA

    Hi, I'm using a formula to allocate the amount evenly based on the frequency of payment, due to numerous projects it is quite difficult to change the reference for each project, how we can achieve the same through VBA. The results are in column G to J.
  4. S

    Workload Allocation with skills matrix

    Hi, I'm currently creating a macro for allocation base on worker's skills matrix set.(determined by Y or N). So if the member is Y, worker is eligible to work with case and can assign the case. Should be allocated randomly but evenly distributed. Can someone help me how to do this on VBA macro...
  5. F

    Corrupt/Damaged File Won't Open

    One of my regular (almost daily) excel (.xls) files will not open today. I get this message: "Sorry, we couldn't find D:\Daves Data\....blah.xls. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted? When I ran CHKDSK the result for the file in question says that "first allocation unit is not valid...
  6. T

    How do I redistribute sales fairly if I want to increase the growth percentage?

    I am working on a sales forecast for 2020. The forecast has 92 locations and I have sales by week by site for Period 1 2019 and a forecast of sales by week for Period 1 2020. Period 1 2019 Sales Total: $11,586,579 Period 1 2020 Sales Forecast: $11,57,090 Dollar Change in sales 2019 to 2020...
  7. T

    For without Next

    Hello, I have a custom tab from UI Editor. I keep getting 'For without Next' error and it highlights the End Sub. Have no idea why. Please help! Sub DC_Split(Optional ByVal Control As IRibbonControl) Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual Application.EnableEvents = False...
  8. D

    How do you query in excel? What would be the best program to complete this in?

    I have spreadsheets called allocation sheets. These are yearly documents and each row is a service instance. The row headings are: Date Purchase order # Req # Child Name Service Requesting Organisation Caseworker Name Price ex. GST GST Price inc. GST Allocated to Date report...
  9. D

    Problem with opening multiple instances of file on a network

    I have been creating several spreadsheets at work and there is a problem with opening more than 1 instance of them at the same time on a network. I have one spreadsheet called "quoting tool" that generates quotes. When quotes are finalised they are sent to separate spreadsheets called allocation...
  10. M

    Allocation Tool

    Hi. I'm a an excel novice so apologies in advance. I need to create an allocation tool which distributes work evenly amongst teams. We receive a different amount of queries to get through everyday so would need to amend the daily allocation. Each of the teams have different targets which vary...
  11. J

    Break down a total quantity into columns

    Hello All! Got a query which I hope someone can help with.. I have a spreadsheet that I need to create for work due to a new process. Essentially what I need help on is a formula which automatically breaks down the allocation (column B) into packs (columns D-M). Below is a shortened version of...
  12. C

    Allocation based on priority tier

    I'm working to create an allocation model to quickly determine whether or not an order can be supported when compared to the available inventory. For example, I have 3 customers, each in their own tier (1,2,3). Tier 1 customers will have priority and first dibs at the available inventory, then...
  13. S

    Hourly allocation based on Start, end date and allocation %

    Hey There, I need help with excel allocation formulas. I attached a sample spreadsheet. I will need two formula options. So, here is what I need: For an employee, I will enter three parameters - Start Date, End Date, and allocations ( as a percentage). Based on these inputs, I want to...
  14. X

    Allocation based on percentages

    Hi Guys , Having a bit of an issue allocating overhead costs. In order to get my allocations i have been dividing my sales by my overhead to come up with my percentage of allocation. is there an excel formula that would convert that percentage to a figure? in other words if my allocation is 3%...
  15. C

    Investment rebalancing every year for a basic stock/bond allocation

    Hi guys, I've run into a mental roadblock trying to figure this out. I thought it was simple, but it was not as simple as I thought. In the table below, I can easily calculate the return of the portfolio and break it down into equity and fixed income allocation. However, through time, this...
  16. M

    "Conditional Formatting"

    Hello everyone, I have a table(Below) and would like to assign a conditional formatting to the items under the allocation section, provided that the Investment section items should also have the same color or different doesn't really matter. I did the allocation section by clicking in...
  17. J

    Sum Range based on multiple criteria

    I cannot seem to figure this one out... tried sumifs, sumproduct, index/match. Here's what I'm trying to do: Sum data in an array that matches 3 different criteria coming from both columns and rows. Maybe it's best to illustrate. Here's a simplified version: <tbody> Company Allocation 2013...
  18. H

    Excel transpose

    Hi Sir I have mentioned below table: <tbody> ORDER_NO Reason For Rejection 4532599 Allocation Stock Mismatch Packing Surplus (blank) 4535662 (blank) 4535724 Unavailability of Stock 4535729 Allocation Stock Unavailability of Stock (blank) 4535738...
  19. L

    Multiple IF and AND Statement - Need Help!

    Hi - I was wondering if one of the Excel guru can correct the below formula for me? Formula it self is simple but even after the false part of the if statement I need the formula to continue to the next if statement so that next criteria can be matched. If there is a better way to do the...
  20. K

    Help using a macro to iterate through a range of rows

    Hi, I am trying to loop through the following macro to work through a range of rows. My goal is to end up with a sheet (Allocation per Employee) populated with the employee department and name and an allocation of time across projects. The Scratch sheet contains a number of formulas that...
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