1. albertc30

    comboBox to display data in alphabetical order...

    Hi all. I am trying to show combboxes on userform to display the data, say customers, in alphabetical order. I have found the code bellow on MrExcel but it's not working. I am getting run time error 13, type mismatch. Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() ufcbbname.SetFocus allowed.Text...
  2. P

    VBA sort array

    Hi all, I would like to avoid use any excel native functions and i would like to use vba code so that to sort the range of rows "A9" : "M" and rows down, sorting them by column "B" A:Z (alphabetical) Thank you all in advance
  3. A

    Formula To Increment Alphabetical Letters ?

    I use this to drag down alphabetical letters: =CHAR(CODE(A1)+1) It works, but only up to Z! What do I use to continue the sequence through to double letters like this: AA AB AC AD Thanks for your help!
  4. Nelson78

    VBA: special alphabetical order

    Hello everybody. I'm struggling in order to build a code for an unconventional alphabetical order. Consider I have the record from row 2 to n in a randomic order. In the image the requested outcome. The principles: 1) Surname's sellers - yellow rows - in...
  5. Nelson78

    VBA: alphabetical order for surname

    Hello everybody. Suppose I have a list in range A5:A9 JOHN SMITH PETER PAN ROBIN HOOD MARK TWAIN ROD STEWART I've to put this list in alphabetical order for surname (may be in the cell we can invert name & surname, so JOHN SMITH could become SMITH JOHN). How could I? Thank's.
  6. T

    Automatic Alphabetical Sorting

    Hi, I need to sort all the rows from 5 to 37 based on the alphabetical order of the values entered in column V. Is it possible to create a VBA script that will do this automatically rather than doing this manually each time after adding new data? I'm not familiar with VBA at all so any help...
  7. E

    Index/Match and duplicates.

    I have a sheet with this formula. It finds an alphabetical list in column GO on a sheet called "'Alphabet CopyPaste". My problem is that my alphabetical list has duplicates in it and from reading online, my formula only finds the first duplicate. I've read about a few workarounds but I can't...
  8. masud8956

    Duplicate removal not in alphabetical order

    Hi, I am using the following formula in my worksheet: =IFERROR(INDEX($H$74:$H$783,MATCH(0,COUNTIF($H$74:$H$783,"<"&$H$74:$H$783)-SUM(COUNTIF($H$74:$H$783,F$797:F797)),0)),"") I am getting the intended list that i want with duplicates removed. But the List is appearing in alphabetical order...
  9. G

    Alphabetical Sort and Concatenate

    Hello Everyone... is there a way to Alphabetical Sort then concatenate? For example: If I have TA TT BA BB can excel alphabetical sort all combo then concatenate? TA TT TA_TT BA TA TT BA_TA_TT Thanks much Theresa
  10. A

    Data form several columns to one

    Hi, I have data in excel sheet in several columns (lists are flexible): <tbody> s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6 s7 s8 s9 s10 s11 s12 s13 s14 s15 s16 s17 s18 s19 s20 s21 s22 s23 tr1 iuhu1 e8zu9 uzsiu4 erd1 wef5 ew6 wefw7 wefe3 erg8 3wef3 efwe8 rge9 ef1 erf6 wdq5 ui9 fgr6 r4 reg4 erg3 ef6 ed4 tr2 iuhu2...
  11. M

    macro to sort in alphabetical order

    Hi, I selected Range(A2:C500). Column A represents last names. I want to sort that range based on alphabetical value from the last names in column A. How can I do that? Thanks
  12. S

    Return a table of different times to a single vertical alphabetical list

    Good morning, I have a problem where I have a table of varying times and need to convert them automatically to a single vertical alphabetical list (excluding outliers!). I expect I'll be using the MATCH and INDEX functions but I'm at a loss when there is a table of data rather than a list. I...
  13. M

    Function to determine Alphabetical order of Two String Colomn

    Hi Master Need your help please. First sorry for my bad english. I have two colomn contain string character, example like this: Colomn A1: Billy Colomn B1: Adam Which is wrong alphabetical order, so in Colomn C1: equal to 0 It should be: A1: Adam B1: Billy Colomn C1: equal to 1 This in...
  14. J

    Special Sorting - Non-Alphabetical - Please Help

    Hi Everyone, I have several hundred cells that I need sorted. The problem is, if I sort them alphabetically, it is in the wrong order. Here are examples of my data: PC1000-BKS-750lb-MS PC1000-BKS-550lb-MS PC1000-CG-750lb-MS PC1000-CG-550lb-MS PC1000-DC-750lb-MS PC1000-DC-550lb-MS If I sort...
  15. R

    Max Alphabetical Text String

    Hey all, need a little help in VBA using a button and finding the maximum alphabetical text string in a given column. This column is ever changing and could have anywhere from 5 to 1000 active cells. Thanks, Devin
  16. K

    How to make a list of unique values that orders alphatically (or numerically)?

    Good day! I know how to use this array formula: ={INDEX(ARRAY,MATCH(0,COUNTIF($A$1:A1,ARRAY)} It works really good, but I would like to have the values retrieved in an alphatical order without ordering the original sheet first so the values update in that order. Can somebody help please...
  17. D

    Formula to Merge identical text in different Cells in the same Column and give the Total Count for the Merged Text

  18. D

    Formula for > 1. Listing all unique Words in a Cell Range alphabetically, then > 2. Listing the Total Count for each Word

    <tbody> A B C 1 CELLS WITH TEXT TO BE COUNTED Alphabetical WORD LIST from Column 'A' CELLS WORD COUNT from Column 'A' 2 Test text in here Even 1 3 More test text here Final 1 4 Even more text here here 4 5 Final test text here in 1 6 more 1 7 More 1 8 test 2 10 Test 1 11...
  19. M

    Jump to spot in a range of cells that is alphabetically correct

    This is for Excel 2010 VBA I have a named range called "Find_Item", when I type something in I want it to search for that name in a range that also contains spaces. If that name isn't there then I want it to jump to the appropriate alphabetical spot. This is the macro I have now, below. It...
  20. D

    Show Last file in a folder in Alphabetical order.

    Hi All, I have script below that create msgbox after msgbox with a file name of the files in the folder, one by one, in alphabetical order. :rofl: Sub Macro123() Set obFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set mFolder = obFSO.GetFolder("C:\Temp\") 'temp = mainFolder.Files.Count...

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