1. D

    Filter alphanumeric values and find maximum

    I have a column of alphanumeric data and want to determine the maximum value in the range but only for values within the range that have a prefix of "EP". I have been able to develop this which gives me the maximum alphanumeric but cannot figure out how to filter for only the EP prefix. The...
  2. V

    Data Validation for Alphanumeric and Hyphens (dashes) for a column

    Hello, I'm trying to add Data Validation to 50 cells in a column that will only accept: Alphanumeric Hyphens (dashes) No restrictions for length. I did find some examples, but they are all for a single cell. If I try to change it to a range it breaks and won't let me save. I tried this...
  3. B

    Count Unique Alphanumeric numbers in a column with a date range criteria (not using array)

    I'm wanting to count unique alphanumeric value from column 'user ID', but I'm wanting to include a criteria of date range where column 'Date' is between 12/12/2019 - 18/12/2019. I've tried numerous array formula's but they're all too slow so i'm wanting to know if it's possible to do it without...
  4. Y

    Lookup between alphanumeric range?

    Hello, Probably being thick here and the obvious answer is alluding me but I need a formula to return a value based on where something is between a range of alphanumeric characters. At a basic level something like the below: <tbody> Start Location End Location Who A001 A100 MT A101 A200...
  5. A

    VBA - get alphanumeric code using date in column header

    Hi again, i am trying to copy a alphanumeric "name" from column A to my source workbook. These names are the usernames of people responsible for particular shifts. <tbody> #FFFFFF[/URL] , align: center"] #FFFFFF[/URL] , align: center"] #FFFFFF[/URL] , align: center"] #FFFFFF[/URL] , align...
  6. Q

    Sumifs returns 0 value for alphanumeric sumrange

    Hello All, So my data from where i want to pull the sum range contains alphanumeric values in like "GS08, GS09, GS10" The criteria1 range is the range for unique client reference nos. in cells A2:A2688. Criteria1 is to pull each inidividual client reference no. for eg. 64852345. Criteria...
  7. P

    Formula to get data with specific logic from a string

    I have below data in column A, in this string suffixed with data like "(12345/A76D7YF)". I need numeric and alphanumeric character in two different columns. Please note that customer names before above section may also contain (, ) and /. Uniqueness of column A is that after the last open...
  8. M

    Extract numbers from alphanumeric strings

    Hi all, how can I extract (by VBA) this numbers: 149575 191368 191369 with prefix "DUD" and suffix "/nn" from alphanumeric strings with so DB: DUD 149575/18 DUD 191368/17 Ton 39.00, DUD 191369/18 Ton 9.04 Tia. Maurizio
  9. D

    Vlookup alphanumeric cells in a range

    Hello. I am trying to look up alphanumeric values against an alphanumeric range. I can do this against an all-number range, but can't figure out the alphanumeric equivalent. The challenge is that, because it is alphanumeric, I can't define a clear range for Excel. In my numeric lookup, if the...
  10. P

    Allow only certain alphanumeric data in a range

    Hey guys, I need a small help. In my sheet "PRODUCT" range "A1:A150" I want it to only only certain alphanumeric data. I want it to allow only "AK1, AK2, AK3, AK4, AK5 ....... AK100" and "OR1, OR2, OR3, OR4, OR5 ..... OR100" If a user enters anything other than this, then I dont want excel to...
  11. B

    Extracting alphanumeric data

    Excel Guru and Excel expertise I like to ask that I am having alphanumeric data so I want to extract alphabets in one row and numeric in another group example abf145tf=abftf 145 ghj75kl=ghjkl 75 Please hoping answers from excel gurus
  12. P

    How to sum cell with any non numeric characters

  13. R

    Restrict textbox input to alphanumeric AND dash and underscore?

    Hello, I currently have a userform with a textbox that limits the user input to accept only alphanumeric. I had found that code in an older thread on this board here. The code works great but now I've decided that the user should also be allowed to include "-" and/or "_" along with...
  14. B


    I have a program that runs off of the data ID (which is for different employees) within Access that makes a barcode. Is there a way to make the data ID alphanumeric? so I want the data ID to be "BAY001 (Bill Brittain), BAY002 (Erick Vaughn), BAY003 (Johan Collins)" and so forth for each...
  15. machopicho

    Alphanumeric string in a cell

    Hi there, i have this problem to solve. In cells i have variable alphanumeric strig as: A1 vbnxm1234 A2 ehfk567 A3 tugfoejrti1597536 and so on. I must extrac string of numbers with a formula if possible... Who is help me??? :-) Thanks to all!
  16. C

    Extracting multiple values from alphanumeric text based on set criteria

    Hello there, I have a set of data which contains part numbers in text fields. Every part number starts "288" and has 10 digits. Because the part number can appear in several columns (but not explicitly) I have concatenated the relevant columns into one alphanumeric column. What I want to do...
  17. L

    Uppercase letters in alphanumeric entry

    Thanks to anyone who may be able to help. I have two columns in a worksheet that require alphanumeric entries. The columns in which the alphanumeric data are entered are column A and column B. Would it be possible to write a VBA code that would change the lowercase alpha characters to...
  18. A

    How to extract any character / or alphanumeric among out of 20 alphanumeric character in excel sheet.

    Dear All, How to extract any character / or alphanumeric among out of 20 alphanumeric character in excel sheet. For e.g. out of 20 alphanumeric i want to extract character no 10 , 11 , 12. Any Assistance, Rgds, aligahk06
  19. M

    Alphanumeric lookup

    Hi, I need to lookup a values in columns in two spreadsheets - the codes I'm looking for are alphanumeric e.g M2971, if the code is present in a column then I would like it to return the word "yes". I've tried Vlookup and changing the format of the cells to TEXT but this doesn't seem to work -...
  20. A

    Automatically generate alphanumeric user id when userform open in excel

    hii friends, I'm new in excel vba,i just want to make a student database in excel userform, and there is a column student id, which is the alphanumeric serial like "ICE/ANG/1001".every time when i open the userform to enter a new student database the id text box goes to auto fillup or generate...

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