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    Multiple regression issues in analysis toolpak

    Dear MrExcel community, Is there any easy and automatic way to compute predictions including confidence intervals after a multiple regression using the Analysis Toolpak? Also, the analysis toolpak regression tool reports an error whenever I have missing data points in my range selection. What...
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    Macro Crashes Excel b/c of Analysis ToolPak (Automation Error Exception Occurred)

    Hi, not sure if this is a known issue but I didn't see its solution in any of the message boards I was looking at. I was running a macro I built a while ago and every single time Excel would freeze and I'd get the "Automation Error Exception Occurred" message box. After searching and...
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    Calling Analysis ToolPak From VBA 2003 & 2007

    I know there have been threads on this, but I have not found any that comprehensively compare and reconcile practices for Excel 2003 and 2007. What I think I have found is: In 2003, I can call eomonth and workday, for example functions, either unqualified, or qualified with [atpvbaen.xls]. In...
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    Predictive Modeling Using Data Analysis Tool Pak

    Hi Everyone, Looking for some assistance with the Data Analysis Tool Pak. I went to a class that mentioned predictive modeling could be done using the DA Tool Pak... I can't figure it out. :banghead: Anyone ever used the DA Tool Pak for predictive modeling? Any help is appreciated...
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    Excel 2010 funcres reference issue

    I have an excel 2003 workbook that is crashing in excel 2010. The workbook is crashing due to a reference to funcres created in vba. I do have the 'Analysis ToolPak' addin checked which is tied to funcres. Yet, I can't find funcres when I go to References under Tools when I'm in the Visual...
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    2003 / 2010 Macro Compatability (Edate)

    Hi all, I have tried to search around for this so please forgive me if this is an issue previously covered. At work we use Excel 2003, wheras at home I have Excel 2010. I'm having some problem using work spreadsheets at home, specifically running macros with Edate and Yearfrac in. I think...
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    Analysis Toolpak Add-in Installs in French

    Hello, I am attempting to install the analysis toolpak for Excel 2007, and when I do so it shows up in the ribbon in French, and all of the language used within it is in French. Does anyone know of a solution to this? Thanks
  8. R


    I am trying to use XIRR, and it won't recognize the function! I have both the Analysis ToolPak and the Analysis ToolPak VBA add-ins checked under tools. What else could be causing Excel not to recognize the function? I tried using it as "Insert, Formula" but that did not work, either! Weird. TR

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