1. W

    Need help With formula

    Hi I need a formula for: to find all numbers/rows that repeat at least two numbers in the entire row in at least one other row. Maybe highlight each set wit different color? im not sure if this is even possible since if the numbers in different row repeat then it would highlight it in both...
  2. A

    Help setting up data

    Hi, this may seem a basic question but I really cannot figure out how, would appreciate some help I’m training to be a business analyst and have a table with 30 leads in column A then B is 01/01/2020 and the corresponding cells are filled to show how many leads we’re getting from each lead...
  3. P

    Scoring participants answers using an Excell script

    Hello, I have registered in this forum to ask a specific question about something that I was told it's possible and you can help me to find out how to do it. I am doing an experiement in which I ask participants to listen to 40 short phrases in German (e.g., Die Haeuser sind sehr schoen) and...
  4. D

    Employee survey analysis

    Hello, For years I have googled and searched how to analyze employee exit survey data, in a PivotTable if possible. I finally decided to ask the experts on this forum. I have a number of characteristics for each employee who answers the survey, like age range, area, division, etc.... I then ask...
  5. A

    break even analysis

    hello everybody. Happy almost Friday. (I'm an optimist!) has anybody out there done any simplified profitability/break even analysis for an earthmoving business or for a wet hire type operation with similar drivers to earthmoving? I'm helping out a friend and I want to capture as much of their...
  6. A

    Analysis, Functions and Formulas.

    Lets say I have a table of three or more columns and rows with a number in each cell ranging from 1-25. I want to find every row that has two numbers that repeat in other rows. I'm not sure which to use, Match? Lookup? Offset?
  7. B

    Adding Analysis Toolpak and Solver To a Custom Ribbon Tab

    I have created a custom tab on my ribbon through File > Options > Customize Ribbon and I have populated it most of the way with the Add button. I have added Solver and the Analysis Toolpak (Data Analysis button) addins to Excel and by default, Excel places them at the end of the Data tab on the...
  8. S

    Data Analysis Toolpak - Regression

    Hello- I am constantly receiving the error "Regression Input range contains numeric data" when using the regression analysis in the data tool pak. I have performed a data validation check to ensure no non-numeric values exist. This error is only occurring on the regression, not correlation...
  9. B

    Leadtime analysis

    I was wondering if someone has a leadtime analysis worksheet they would be willing to share? I work in a third party contractor industry where we come in and install various pieces of equipment when the builder is ready for us. Equipment deliver is all over the place. My goal is to set...
  10. E

    How can I add specific text to build cell references to an external workbook?

    Hi I have a workbook ("Analysis") that has multiple sheets querying another workbook ("EnquiriesDataExport"). "EnquiriesDataExport" is automatically exported from our system every 24 hours so it needs to be separate from my "Analysis". Each sheet in "Analysis" will be the same except that the...
  11. M

    Office Excel Add-in for Connecting to HANA/SAP

    I've tried re-installing the Connecting to HANA via Office Excel Add-in : Analysis -- but the Add-in isn't showing up on my Add-ins under Options in Excel. Anybody use the Analysis Add-in in Excel for SAP HANA and know any trouble shooting?
  12. R

    Problem in working with Data tables in Excel 2016

    Hello, i am facing a peculiar problem. I was doing a sensitivity analysis through data table and putting the IRR value as a reference for the data table to calculate values. For this I am using the cell reference of the cell in which I have calculated the IRR value of the project. And...
  13. J

    ABC analysis

    As the title suggests im working on an ABC-analysis, and since I'm here, naturally I need some help/advice/tips.. Link o sheet:!Asdl-iuZDQdchJ0h1ICV0Vx9usUQ0A If you don't know what an ABC-analysis does, it sorts "thing" after useage/cost/worth etc. (whatever you would like...
  14. G

    Question on running data analysis in Excel

    Hi all, I'm a bit new to running data analysis in Excel, have a decent statistical understanding but not with regards to Excel. I figured out how to get the data analysis tools but am having trouble getting my exact setup for my data. The data I'm trying to build off of is this: I want to...
  15. R

    Text Analysis

    I am doing data analysis (historical data); however in the name column, i am facing the formatting issue like ["()", "extra space", "-" ]. When i try to do analysis, each name goes as a separate entity and couldn't able to make proper analysis. How to bring all the name in the same basket...
  16. K

    VBA: command button not working after resetting sheet

    Hello. I am new to VBA and I'm currently working on a project with a workbook for various data analysis. I paste data exported from another program into "Sheet 1", where I have a command button to sort and clean the data for further analysis. In "Sheet 2" I have a number of buttons for...
  17. C

    What-if analysis of only ONE variable change?

    I have used what-if analysis, when I have 2-D table with 2 variables. i.e. if variable 1 has 10 different values and variable 2 has 7 different values, result table would be 70 results. However, sometimes I need what-if analysis of only one variable that could have 1-X different values. It...
  18. H

    Compatibility Functions

    I am using the statistics functions on Excel 2016, which have various items listed as 'compatibility functions', for instance, =mode and =stdev. I wanted to know, if I import an old spreadsheet: 1) Is there somewhere I can find out which of the new functions the deprecated ones refer to? For...
  19. MonkeyFace28

    INDEX MATCH #N/A error - number stored as text

    Hey all, Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read my query. I have the below formula, I am getting an #N/A error despite the data being present. I think I have narrowed the error down to the cells and the fact there are text and numbers in the same cell stored as text.* formula looks...
  20. S

    Pull State from Non-Uniformly Formatted List of Addresses

    Hello! I have a massive list of addresses, and I'm looking to pull the state (and the state alone) out of it, and into a separate column. Here's a few rows as an example (not real addresses, to protect identities): <tbody> 2000 ARLINGTON OAKS DR S; MOBILE Alabama 36695-8739 978 VIRGINIA ST...
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