and between 2 dates

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    SumIfs with Multiple Criteria Help

    I've been trying to figure this out and have hit a road block. I have a table that contains Order#'s that are similar. I need to SUM Ext#DSP when the Order#'s Match and the Ship Date is within a Term Start & End Date to produce another report. Here's what I got so far, but I know its not what it...
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    Using ranges within if statements? Help please!

    Hi! I need a formula to go in each of the cells in row 2 which checks the above cell date in row 1 and gives a yes or no answer based on looking at the contents of columns A and B. E.g. if the date in D1 is between any of the dates in column A and the consecutive cell in column B, return 'Yes'...
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    Getting Unexpected Results using AND function

    Greetings all. I have a column of dates in a table that I am wanting to make selections from. My selection I think is relatively straight forward and none to complex (or I wouldn't have come up with it) =AND($A4>= BegDate,$A4<=EndDate) This is returning FALSE even when A4 is clearing between...
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    mimimum of dates with if statement

    Hi Everyone :) Having trouble putting the following statement together. I have various dates in column A and column B with some blanks mixed in. I need a statement in column C that will show the earliest date between column A & B. If both columns are blank then I need a return of: "Still in...
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    Complex IF, AND, OR and Networkdays

    hello All, I have become very dandy at a few functions of late. However one that always eludes me is networkdays. I just can't get it. I realised after lots of trial and error, you cant incorroprate ranges that relate to more than one value. The below is a formula that sits in a larger IF...
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    CountIf 3 conditions met, and between 2 dates

    I am have been trying to get a certain formula to work, for sometime, and can't find any answers, so hopefully someone can help! :) I am trying to sum the dollars of a product when they are sold, between each month, so i have several columns date column, product column, sold (y/n), and price...

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