1. A

    Will a kind soul help to provide a vba solution to press a button (e.g 3) in Microsoft calculator without using sendkeys?

    Hi all, Will a kind soul help to provide a vba solution to press a button (e.g 3) in Microsoft calculator without using sendkeys?
  2. M

    How do I pass the body for a POST HTTP request using YouTube API playlistitems.insert?

    I keep getting the wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment error but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong now. Here are some pictures:
  3. C

    Show worksheet range of cells in a user form

    I would like some help finishing the VBA code that I'm trying to piece together. I have 2 ranges of cells in a worksheet ("Data") that I would like to show individually (not at the same time) on a user form while working on another worksheet ("Input") within the same workbook. The user form...
  4. M

    Need a macro to completely stop running, then start again on its own.

    Knowledge of how to use the Bloomberg terminal is not required to solve this problem, but if you do know how to control Bloomberg with Excel then feel free to tell me if there is a completely better way to accomplish my goals. I have a list of about 20 tickers from B19 to B40 (the list has a...
  5. C

    Userform to display in task bar

    I know i am kind of beating a dead horse around the internet with this, but i used to be operating on windows 7 and my code functioned for showing a taskbar icon for the userform when the application window was hidden, but when i upgraded to windows 10, the code stopped working. is there...
  6. H

    PDF Manipulation in VBA

    This my be outside the scope of this messageboard. I have a number of automation processes running many reports and such. One of the tasks that needs to be done is to save an word file as a PDF. This is, of course, trivial in VBA. However... What I really need to do is use Acrobat DC ability...
  7. mole999

    Overpass API

    Anyone with experience using APIs or this one specifically. I have 92K locations stored with Easting / Northing. The API suggests that it has Road Speed for a large proportion of the road network (UK) and I'd like to use a formula or script to import this data against known location data. I can...
  8. C

    Find cell values >0 and return column header label

    Hi, I'm looking for help in creating a formula that can return column header names if the value in the cell is greater than 0. If Id 1 has a cell values >0, I want tag (header 2) and API (header 3) to be returned on a separate list. Example of data: Pixel(header1) Tag...
  9. L

    VBA - How to get the serial number of UNC Drive Without API calling

    Guys For security reasons I want that my workbook can only be used if it is on a network. This network sometimes is mapped by user with different Letters. I would like to find a way to get the serial number of the network drive based on the UNC path instead of Drive Letter. But I would like to...
  10. K

    Change the line spacing between items in a VBA listbox

    Hi Guys, I'd like to change the line spacing between items in a VBA listbox. Let's assume I display month names in a listbox control. Name of my listbox is "Lista". It's easy, I just add one line to "Private Sub UserForm_Initialize" for the userform: Lista.List = Array("January", "February"...
  11. W

    Excel VBA buy and sell stock market API

    I am an expeienced VBA programmer. I have been researching like crazy to see if I can find an API that would support VBA. The only one I found doesnt exist anymore. I want to buy and sell stocks from the stock market automatically when I initiate a VBA macro and leave the house to let it do...
  12. M

    Box Integration with Excel Through API

    Does anybody have any experience with using Box (www.box.com)? Specifically I am trying to use Box API calls for checking availability of Excel files, then opening them and checking them out, modifying them and saving back to Box and checking in. Their forum has limited information on the API...
  13. T

    Retrieve closest address suggestion using Google API and Excel Vba

    Hi Virtual Friends, I'm a newbie in VBA coding and would need your great help. I have a list of incomplete customer names (our internal system truncates the name based on character restriction) and I'm trying to retrieve their respective address leveraging Google API capabilities and VBA. The...
  14. H

    Connecting a data source to Excel via API

    So somebody at my company has told me they would like a macro enabled Excel workbook that can connect to a certain Fortune 100 Electronics company's database system via API and extract customer requested information. A customer would be able to enter a quote # or some other UID and it will...
  15. B

    Plaintext API call

    Hi all. I'm new to VBA. I'm trying to pull text data in aggregate into a cell in excel for each zip code query. I'm sure there are other way to put the data in columns and ways to make the spreadsheet elegant. I just want the data transferred from the site to my spreadsheet and I can go and use...
  16. SharmaAntriksh

    Api - vba

    Can you provide some sources from which I can learn about using API functions with VBA?
  17. M

    API Help

    I have established an API question via Power Query and I am just mimic it through VBA. The JSON document that is returned has multiple drill downs that I need; however, I had to create a new connection each time to change the let statements. I think this is where my query is going really slow...
  18. A

    Disabling automatic PowerQuery errors

    Hi all, Bit of background, I have a live football scores/fixtures/events spreadsheet with a lot of API queries which generally works well, however, occasionally, when querying the API, there are errors in response which Excel flags up in a message box with an "OK" button. Not sure what the...
  19. Sean15

    Help with If & Index and Match

    Hi: Could you help me solve this please? Column G has values like API0001521 or EE0001625 L2 has formula =IF(G2="API*","",INDEX and Match formula))) Excel is returning #N/A and not "" if G2 has value API... INDEX and Match is returning required value if value in G2 is not API Could you help...
  20. B

    VBA http Post Request - Postman key/value/body provided

    Hi All, I have been working on this for days without success. Even downloaded VBA-WEB and looked at examples there, online and everywhere. I can't seem to get this figured out and I have been working with VBA code for 15 years. I am pretty new at API but Postman makes things pretty...

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