1. A

    SMS with App

    Hello All I want to open an application with any code in attached and want to send these number one by one through that application! That application is bushbullet, which linked with my mobile msg box! for more understanding! When I hit button in sheet that call...
  2. S

    Turn a workbook with macros/vba coding into a mobile app

    Hi All, Could anyone please point me in the right direction as to how to change a workbook I have into a mobile app. The workbook has 14 worksheets within it and loads of vba. I have it on OneDrive at the moment as their are numerous users all at the same time. I wish to make this more user...
  3. D

    Mouse Without Borders -- causing bad Excel Lag, esp w/ copy-paste

    After troubleshooting why my Excel 2007 seemed to be unnaturally sluggish, especially with copy/paste functions, I traced the problem to Microsoft's "Mouse Without Borders" app (which lets you share a single mouse/keyboard with two different computers, and glide from one desktop onto the other...
  4. G

    Have trouble transposing XML Data

    Good day, I've having trouble transposing a bunch of XML bracket data horizontally. Data is like so <tbody> App a b c d /App App a c d e f /App </tbody> I need it to look like this <tbody> App a b c d /App App a c d e f /App </tbody>...
  5. D

    Possibility of calling external Fingerprint program

    Hi, I'm working with several freelancers to develop a simple excel based inventory system with fingerprint authentication. The general workflow of this app is : 1. Assuming there are 3 shifts per day, A, B, C 2. Employee A inputs data for Shift A in Sheet A 3. When changing shifts from Shift A...
  6. K

    Resetting workbookopen code after error

    I have a code set to run when any workbook opens. It's set on Personal>ThisWorkbook. Works flawlessly until there's any kind of error and then I have to close and reopen the Excel app to get it to work again. Is there another way to reset without restarting the app? Thanks!
  7. D

    Unique Values and Dependents

    I'm looking to see if there's a formula that solves the problem below. In column A, I have a series of application I.D.s; some can appear once, some twice, some three times etc...there is no way of knowing in advance how many times an application I.D. will appear. In column B, I have a...
  8. S

    Heat Map Add In for use in the UK

    Hi All I have just discovered this add in app - very excited, but confused. In need to create a heat map of data relating to wards/postcodes within a UK local authority; I understand the concept, but has anyone else managed to do this successfully using this app in Excel? If so maybe we...
  9. mikecox39

    Initiating Date and Time Stamp entries in an XL phone app

    Is there a workaround for entering Time and Date stamps in an app where there are no command keys, like Alt or Ctrl. Or must all entries be made manually?
  10. L

    VBA - allow concurrent change for shared workbook

    Hi, I have a VBA program to mark the application no which is generated sequentially. There are multiple worksheets for different types of application. The workbook is shared to be updated by a group of people. The sequential no is a counter stored in one of the worksheet, counting no of...
  11. S

    popup to select row, then concatenate

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet that has multiple columns of data. I need a macro that will prompt the user to select a row, then concatenate the info into another cell. The point of this is so the data can be copied, and pasted into a label maker. This label printer only prints from its...
  12. C

    Keeping a Public variable always available

    I have this Public colnum As Long Sub Callcolnum() colnum = Round((Date - DateValue("12/20/2017")) / 7, 0) MsgBox colnum End Sub in a modole renamed to COLNUMDECLARATIONCODE and this Private Sub Workbook_Open() Callcolnum at the beginning of ThisWorkbook code. Everything works fine - until...
  13. A

    Power Query added column - Value.Divide(Value.Add( )) returns all null values

    Hi all, When I create a calculated field in Microsoft Power Query feature ("Get and Transform" since Excel 2016) I use a combination two simple formulae: Value.Divide() and Value.Add(). For some reason, this does not work and all I get is null values. Here is the series of steps that I...
  14. L

    opening excel as an app - without workbook(s) - excel 2013

    Hi I went to start menu and opened excel. It would open with workbook1.xlsx. How can I close workbook1 without closing the app itself. I do not have that option. If I click on X that would close all the apps. If i go to File->close that would close everything. Any idea please? I want to see what...
  15. A

    Removing conditional duplicate rows using comparative data from multiple columns

    Hi experts I am new to vba and looking for a way to modify data in a large file (extract below) as explained below. <tbody> Record ref Date created Type Stage Status Department Client Cost Price AAM000001 01/04/2015 APP Closed - Funded Application v1 - Approved CEEEE FUN00023 487,993.00...
  16. S

    Excel/VBA app hangs up temporarily when tabbing past last unlocked cell

    Hello - I have an Excel/VBA app that consistently hangs up for 30-60 seconds when I tab past the last unlocked cell on the sheet. Here are some of the details: - the behaviour is consistent; when the sheet is locked there are a few unlocked cells for data entry that I can tab through. when I...
  17. E

    Merge multiple PDF files

    I need a solution to merge 2 PDFs that is in each subfolder in a single PDF/A file (vba or script). Any way to do that within Word/Excel VBA? If not, there's another app that do this? Thanks
  18. E

    Excel for iPad Pro

    I’m looking to do some conditional formatting on the excel app for iPad Pro as in being able to autocapitalize and change fill color based on what letter is typed in to given cells. Is that possible on the app for excel? Does that require an Office 365 subscription? Any help would be...
  19. P

    Automatically Shorten Long Formula?

    Is there an app or website to automatically search a formula and condense it if possible? I have a formula that when pasted into Google docs, takes up 14 pages. The formula runs about 75 times on my spreadsheet, and even though it functions as it should, changing a reference value makes for a...
  20. M

    User Form automatically appears when opening Excel Online version

    I recently created an excel workbook that contains a user form that opens as soon as the app opens. This works fine on my desktop app but it appears to not be working when it opens in the excel online version. I basically have VBA code: Private Sub Workbook_Open() ufmTripSignup.Show End Sub...

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