1. S

    Excel 2019 Appearance Changed - can change back

    My version somehow changed in appearance, I have Excel 2019 Home and Business. I want it to go back to the way it was default, its not a theme change ( I don't think) it is something else I just cannot work out. I am creature of habit and like how it was. The Green bar use to be green behind the...
  2. J

    Leaving certaincells blank

    Hello, all, Attached is StartOver02.xlsx. I'd like to convert the appearance of column D to the appearance of column E, the one with reversed colors in the column's title. More specifically, I want only the total number of sales per day to appear, with the previous cells for that day in that...
  3. M

    wild window appears

    Hello everyone, I am facing a problem I never had so far while using vba : a specific lign of code bloc the programm and make a window appear but it is supposedly not supposed to do so. The window isn't an Excel control or anything, just a normal file directory's window asking me to select a...
  4. D

    Chart to show conditionally formatted 'wedges'

    Hi, hopefully I'm able to explain my requirements easily enough here. I'm trying to create what I think should be a simple pie/doughnut chart however I cannot quite get what I want from it. I'd like to show a pie chart but then overlaying equally sized lines to give the appearance of various...
  5. A

    how to hide the value from other comboboxs when it selected in one of them

    If I have 5 or more combobox in a userform and all have the same rowsource, but I want if i choose a value in one of them that prevents their appearance in the others ?
  6. H

    Count of Occurences From First Occurence

    I am sure this might be an easy one as I refer to this site often and helps me out a lot! I have large data that comes in with number of occurrences by date. What I am trying to do is try to find trends faster by counting the number of occurrences within the first 30 days of first...
  7. F

    Editing the appearance of scatter graph -VBA

    I have a scatter graph which works fine with vba. And I managed to change the colour in the middle of the marker but the border is another colour and so the marker is now two colours. I have the following part of the code: Sub MySummaryGraph(i As Long, cht As Chart) With cht With...
  8. M

    Radio buttons acting strangely

    Hi All, I'm having some issue with my radio buttons. They were working fine, I have them all grouped into their relevant sections however now when a select a radio button in a particular group it changes the appearance of the other selected radio buttons making the black dot appear smaller...
  9. S

    Changing column format without changing appearance

    I use Office 2007 on Windows 7. I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, I've searched and couldn't find anything. I have a column with entries like "May-02" or even "May-74". These are references to purchase invoices. they are not dates. However, Excel has interpreted it as a custom...
  10. M

    How to count name appearence but only once per given dates

    Hi all, This is my first post, hope someone can help me. I have inherited an excel sheet that tracks the activities on site, by date and personnel. It looks something like this. <tbody> Date Site Person 21/4/2015 1 A, B, C 21/4/2015 2 D, E 22/4/2015 2 A, B, C 22/4/2015 3 D, E, F...
  11. R

    Conditional Formatting

    I would like to know how you can apply conditional formatting to a specific cell but the formatting should apply to the entire Row. Meaning the appearance of the entire row changes depending on the condition set in a cell! If possible in both 2003 and 2007!

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