1. D

    Help on array formula conversion

    hi good day/evening, I am new to this forums and I want to thank everyone in advance, can someone help me with my array problem, I wan to be able to compare a cell on a list. with this formula COLUMN C is the list APPLE BANANA STRAWBERRY PINEAPPLE ORANGE COLUMN D is the what i...
  2. S

    "TRUE" for an Approximate result in a formula

    Hi all, When entering a formula, we often need to choose between entering TRUE or FALSE. (I would always enter a zero but it seems FALSE is more reliable.) Entering TRUE would be for an APPROXIMATE result, but I tested this and need to ask – What rules are used to determine approximate?? The...
  3. I

    Two Way lookup with exact and approximate match

    Hello, I am trying to figure out a two lookup that will lookup two columns of data, one with an exact match and the other with an approximate match. i.e. My issue, is that when i deal with thousands of Materials, with different scale sets, I pickup the wrong scales with Scale lookup 1. SO My...
  4. M

    Need Help with Vlookup or some function where approximate match is possible

    I have a worksheet where last name and first name is in separate columns and then i have a worksheet with first, middle and last names in one column. Is it possible to find out whether the names in the second worksheet (all together) are located in the first worksheet where everything is...
  5. R

    Comparing two columns using Match Function (Approximate)

    I am trying to compare two columns, each of which contain company names. The list is over 6,000 rows so I would like to use a function and drag it down. Normally, you would use the Match function, but the problem is the company names are slightly different. Example: Column A...
  6. D

    Index Match multiple criteria fuzzy lookup

    Hey guys, so after racking my brain for over a week trying to come out with a way to do this myself, I decided to ask for help. I don't even know if this is possible but here goes. A colleague sends me the input, where he wants to match Microsoft Inc's Code "Micro" to Code "MICR" based on the...
  7. N

    Lookup values based on a date and a timespan

    Hey all, would really appreciate any help you could give me. Table 1 I would like to lookup the date in column C to see if it matches the date in column B in the table below (Table 2), and then check if the time within the same row is within +/- 5 minutes of the time in Table 2's column C. If...
  8. T

    Identify approximate text matches

    I have a long list of company names and I want to eliminate approximate matches. For example, my list includes the following: CENTAURUS ENERGY MASTER FUND L.P. Centaurus Financial Centaurus Financial Inc. Centech Group In this case, I would want to identify "Centaurus Financial" and...
  9. H

    SUMPRODUCT approximate

    I have array {1,1.4,2.1,3.1,4.7} i want to deliver if the number is between 0 to the first value {1,0,0,0,0} and ifit's bigger than first value and equale or smaller than second one Deliver{0,1,0,0,0} and so on for the rest of array soi can use this array in SUMPRODUCT to get the percentage...
  10. P

    Match two columns (one approximate) in excel and return a third

    Hello Excel experts! I consider myself an expert user of Excel but I really got stuck on this problem :confused: . I prefer a solution with built-in formulas but if that isn't possible a VBA solution is fine. I have one table (the Rating table) where I occasionally put in data that is event...
  11. G

    Match two numbers +/-1

    I have a problem that I can't solve even though it is probably very simple. I have two calculations, one from a P&L report and from a stock movements report. I want to check that these numbers are in balance within 1. EG. P&L number is A1 : 200,000.21 and the movements report number is B1 ...

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