array dimension

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    Dim Elements of Array

    If I dimension an array, DataArray(50,5) as variant, I wish to have each of the 5 elements of the second dimension have certain types other than Variant. For example, the 1st element should be a string. The second should be Double, the third long, the fourth String and the 5th long. Someone...
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    multidimensional arrays

    Hi all, I've got 2 related questions: (1) I am trying to define a two-dimensional array. The size of the array will vary somewhat, and each element of the array will have 3-5 subelements (overall, probably 75x5 max). Is there a way to build an array that flexes in size like that? Right now I'm...
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    Find a value within a 2D array

    Hi all, I have an array formula that finds the minimum difference between a value (stored in E5) and a 2D array of values (stored in another sheet, Database2!B5:U25). The array formula I used is as follows (entered with CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER): =MIN(ABS(Database2!$B$5:$U$25-E5)) This gives me the...
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    Create as many levels of a loop as there are dimensions of a string

    *Edit* sorry the title should have been: Create as many levels of a loop as there are dimensions of an array Sorry for the confusion! --- Hi, This is somewhat difficult to explain, but please look at the following UDF: Public Function ConcSep_Array(InArray() As Variant, Optional Sep As...

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