1. P

    How to lookup a value from several rows in a table using INDEX and MATCH

    Hi everyone, First post, so be gentle! I have spent hours trying to work out a solution to this issue, and know someone here will know the answer. We have data in a large table with a column for each month and then new rows for each year (see screenshot). I need to lookup the value...
  2. freelensia

    UBound() of an array stops the code without errors

    I have this function to check if an array is empty. This code has worked before. The input arr for this specific case is empty. Putting it in watch windows shows: 1. Expression: arr 2. Value: <blank> 3. Type: Variant/Variant() 4. Context: C_UnionTags.ArrayIsEmtpy The code stops at UB =...
  3. I

    Array in If statement

    I have above sample data. In cells F9 and F10 I want to sum 'Sales' (C5:C10) for the respective months (Jan, Feb) based on the user input in cell F3. With following formula I can get the sum of sales for an individual product per month: =SUMIFS(C5:C10,B5:B10,E9,A5:A10,F3). To get the sum of...
  4. M

    Array Formula Extract Records tutorial not working for me

    Having watched a MrExcel YouTube video about pulling records based on a condition, I attempted to reorganise a large question bank we have for learners. Unfortunately, the formula doesn't seem to work as it's getting caught pulling correct row numbers and always returns 0...
  5. E

    Sheet Name But Referencing Column Letter

    Hi, Overall I'm trying to use a filter function with data from a separate sheet. Problem is the data is not very consistent and the column headers move around. I can use the address and match to find my column letter in the other sheet but I want to be able to put it back in to an overall...
  6. A

    VbA - copying different colum ranges depending on which condition is met & pasting into different sheet

    Ok, so I would really appreciate help as this has been driving me mad for over a week. Basically I have a raw data table where a customer can choose up to 3 different courses, data is in 3 columns. But I need to be able to have a complete table where if a customer selects 3 courses, her details...
  7. M

    Function Not Working - Sort & Remove Duplicates by Creating New Array

    I am not well versed in VBA and have no idea where to start finding the issue here. I need to write a function that will take a 1 dimensional array as an input and spit out a new array with all the values sorted alphabetically and duplicates removed. This input "SourceList" column has text...
  8. P

    Way to create rate array from total and counts (opposite of sumproduct)?

    Hi, Is there a way to calculate a rate array from a total, if one has the counts? In the example below, I've used =SUMPRODUCT using rate 1 array and enrollment count array to get the monthly total. I'm wondering if there's any way to use a given monthly total and the count array to determine...
  9. P

    Concatenated range to array

    Hello all, The following allows me to populate an array with values from a range Dim ARR1As Range Set ARR1 = range("D2:D10") I was wondering if there is a way to concate a range and then populate the array Not correct but something like Dim ARR2As Range Set ARR2= range("A2:D10")
  10. sycodiz

    VBA MsgBox based on rows - continue if true cancel if false

    I have searched everywhere for this answer. I am sure it is out there but I feel like I am going in circles. So I came here to you awesome people for help and direction! I do apologize that I am not very savvy in VBA but occasionally I do have to create some crude macros and then come to you...
  11. M

    Using a Variable array in place of a Vlookup to return values to VBA code

    I have a set of sheets which contain data which I pull into my VBA code with vlookups. The input data is collected into a table of data 10 columns wide, the key field is always an integer between 1 and 3000 but depending on the data entered by the users I might have 5 entries or 3000. The...
  12. F

    Strange Error

    Does anyone have any idea why this code only searches the first row with a matching header instead of every row with a matching header? =COUNTIF(INDEX($A$4:$F$360,MATCH(LEFT(L$4,3),LEFT($A$4:$A$360,3),0),0),$J16&", "&LEFT($K16,1))+N16 Array $A$4:$F$360 with header $A$4:$A$360,3 trying to...
  13. E

    VBA Recipe calculator sum the ingredients

    Hello, I need a piece of code that will calculate the quantities of needed ingredients for some products but i am stuck with some 2d arrays and the code messed up. Can you please help me? In the attached images, -the result for ingredient1 is 40 because we need 20 cakes and we use 2 pcs in...
  14. L

    Average all values in two different columns that are between two values?

    Hello all, I am trying to get an average of values in two non-consecutive columns, and only include values between 80 and 120. In the screenshot below, I would like to average the values in columns I and K together. I also need to exclude any "" cells and cells that may contain #N/A. My full...
  15. 5

    Filtering a 2D array in a listbox from a textbox

    Hi everyone. I have a userform with a textbox and a listbox. The listbox is populated with data from a 2-column ListObject table whenever the form initializes and, as I type in the textbox, it gets filtered using the full string. That works, but since I'm filtering construction materials, I...
  16. R

    Advanced Lookup Help

    Hi all, I have a pretty complex look-up issue and wondered if anyone can help? The link to the G-sheet and criteria are below (also within the G-sheet): Link: Criteria 1) Look down column B in...
  17. D

    Help on array formula conversion

    hi good day/evening, I am new to this forums and I want to thank everyone in advance, can someone help me with my array problem, I wan to be able to compare a cell on a list. with this formula COLUMN C is the list APPLE BANANA STRAWBERRY PINEAPPLE ORANGE COLUMN D is the what i...
  18. B

    VBA code to Conactenate the data in a row by removing duplicates and sepearating it by comma.

    Hi, Can someone help me with VBA code to do the below task. I have data in A2-Z2 where in each there will be some data. this data in each cell migh be sepearted by comma. what i am looking for is to publish a out put in AB where it concatenates data from A2-Z2 by removing duplicates and...
  19. R

    Most Improved

    Alright, so 3 problems I need yall's help with please... I posted pictures to give a better idea. I'm hitting a wall... and i'm not an expert with vlookups or array formulas :( 1. I'm trying to get the top 5 Most improved sales associates. I want names & %Increase 2. And the 5 with the...
  20. B

    VBA code for multiple if statements within an Array

    Hi there, Can you guys help me with below code. what I am trying to do is to split the array in column B which is seperated by commas and then look for each items and if the condition statisfies then it should publish something in column C. I have lot of scenarios with combination of both...

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