1. J

    How to filter and sort according to a preset order in Google Sheets

    I'm wondering how to use the sort and filter function in Google sheets to sort in ascending order the following: 1-2 months 2-3 months 3-4 months ...up to 11-12 months Right now when I sort 1-2months comes first, followed by 11-12 months. Is there a simple way to sort these fields according...
  2. D

    Sorting excel sheets in numerical order based on the date in the batch number

    Hello. This is something I am struggling with. I have a large number of sheets in an excel spreadsheet that aren’t in date order. They are titled with batch numbers I.e “AB 100921A” or “AB 010616A” etc. Is there a way to automatically put the sheets in order by the date within the batch...
  3. N

    I am Hoping to Find a Sort Macro

    Hello...I am a schoolteacher who wants to provide students with a chance to retake failed tests, and I want the data organized by class periods. I am requesting a macro to perform the following sort functions: Sort 1 is ascending from A2 to AT205 sorting by Column AT(Test Score) Sort 2 is...
  4. A

    sorting in Excel with Rank Function in Group

    hi, I would like to discuss on how to get sorting ascending formula from this case. Expected result is as shown in the picture in blue column. The only reference that can be used is Rank column (Yellow) and Group column (white). Any idea how to get the rank unique expected column (blue)? do you...
  5. W

    Ascending order

    Hi I’ve got a column of numbers starting in N4 for example 7 1 25 22 34 30 In the next column starting in O4, i’d like to place them in ascending order 1 7 22 25 30 34 I can’t work out how to do this. Any help is very much appreciated. Regards
  6. K

    Excel VBA How To Sort ARRAY

    Hi, I have data in a array variable with 8 columns, and I want to sort the array with condition, like there is one of two columns in the array one is TA_Name and second is Trans_Date and want to sort the data as Ascending order (TA_Name) and Descending order (Trans_Date) or Ascending order...
  7. S

    Sort Report Button

    I have a report based on a Query and I'd like a button on the report to switch between the Sorts below: 1. Sort by [Name] A-Z THEN [Date] Oldest to Newest 2. Sort by [Date] Oldest to Newest THEN [Name] A-Z I'm guessing code is the easiest way but I'm unsure how to do this one.
  8. S

    Formula to rank list in order from 1 down

    In column A I have ranked people from 1 (best) down to 100 (worst) but they appear randomly. In column B I have names of the people. I need a formula that I can copy down for column C (which re-orders the rank numbers in column A) and column D (that reorders the names accordingly) that puts...
  9. sharky12345

    Sort range in ascending order

    Can someone show me how to sort a specific range into ascending order using VBA? My range is A4:D29 - column A is the range I need sorting. I need rows A1:A3 left unchanged.
  10. T

    VBA Goal Seek

    I'm still new to this but can someone help me how to set goal seek "set cell" must be in ascending For example cell B83 "set cell" is the sum of B71:B82 (must be ascending) and cell B85 is the "to value" and cell b70 is "by changing cell" also, cell b71 is a hard code cell cell b72...
  11. sharky12345

    Sort columns A:C but leave others

    How can I sort columns A:C using VBA but leave the others columns untouched? Column A needs to be sorted from A2 down and in ascending order.
  12. W

    Sort when Worksheet_Change Does Nothing?!

    I have a user form set up to add a new part # to the worksheet, gather some data then create a new row adding that data once you click 'save' and that works fine but once the new row is added I want the sheet to automatically sort Ascending on column C...I've tried many different things and...
  13. L

    Create A Series Of Numbers And Fill It In A Filtered List With Ascending Numbers Assigned

    I have 1 column with names, each name repeated 20-50 times. Every row has assigned number ascending randomly 1-99. Must assign in filtered list (eg. 6000/30000 rows) counting numbers from lowest assigned to highest and start counting from scratch when reaches next alphabetical different name...
  14. A

    Sorting column data ascending

    Hi everyone I would like to sort the column F in ascending with row one as header. The spreadsheet have 13 columns up to column M, I have done the code below but it needs debug: Range("A2:M", Range("F" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).Sort _ Key1:=Range("F2"), Order1:=xlAscending Please could...
  15. muhammad susanto

    Need VBA/Macro To Rename Multiple File Really Ascending Order

    hi all... i found vba macro to rename multiple file really ascending order.. i have try before but can not ascdening oder.. my file in pdf and jpg format have you idea? thanks in advance.. m.susanto
  16. V

    Sorting rows

    Hello all I have another question please This code complete a sort on column "B" starting with row 13 into Ascending order What I would like is to sort two columns in ascending order at the same time Column "B" first, then followed by Column "A" [Set oneRange = Range("A13:K110") Set...
  17. Z

    Sort Data in Ascending Order Based on Column Header Name

    Hi, Need help with some VB code please. I would like to sort data in ascending order based on column headers, the number of columns and rows may differ. So, sort ascending based on column header "Date". Thanks in advance!
  18. E

    Sort in ascending order multiple rows (more than one rows), and copypaste it

    Hi guys, I like to solve my excel problems on my own, but sometime I stuck into a problem which I cannot solve. I have a big database and I would like to sort prices in ascending order. But only inside for every four, five or six (or basically, any) rows. As I show it in the printscreen – and...
  19. V

    Sorting a column numerically while ignoring the preceding letter

    Greetings, thank you for clicking on my thread! I am in need of your help. I am working on sorting a spreadsheet based on criteria in column C. Column C has a list of numbers, all of which are preceded by the letter A or B. Example: A72200100 B7810210 B72300100 A7810220 I want to write some...
  20. G

    Replace numeric values in a cell range by ascending order

    Hi Geek, My requirement is to renumber the values in a cell range. For example: If column e has 4 values of different numbers.. Column E: HT_53 HT_51 HT_07 HT_34 i want them to be renumber by ascending order. like below output is HT_01 HT_02 HT_03 HT_04 Could you please help out ... Many...

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